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    I never learned to ride a bike & I am too long in the tooth to start now. I always walked everywhere. Wouldn’t it make sense to get rid of the cycle tracks if the road sweeper does clean them? As I say they seem very complicated to me. There is no symmetry to them. I know that in one city there is a track in the middle of a busy road & appears to be going against the flow of traffic. I have long thought that there might be a case for public footpaths to have a dual usage.



    Well I am glad this sparked debate as cycling is on the increase and road safety should be everyone’s concern.



    @andy 4735 wrote:

    Cyclists are road traffic.

    I mean proper road traffic- buses, cars and vans that can travel at a decent speed. I’m all for cycling but not when cyclists don’t bother to use them and force all the traffic to go at 10-15 mph.



    @djrus 4747 wrote:

    Well I am glad this sparked debate as cycling is on the increase and road safety should be everyone’s concern.

    I’ve covered a lot of miles on my bike, and have done around both big towns and country side. Going back 20 years cycling was easier but now I find it too dangerous to bother with in town- if cycle lanes were provided away from busy roads, as they are able to do so in the countryside then I think this is the way forward. I’ve given up riding in town due to the what only can be described as farcical attempts at cycle lanes.

    I have to say that cyclist are as much to blame as the motorists. There are bad examples on both sides- not using provided lanes, cycling side by side on busy main roads and in the centre of the lane when unnecessary (which as pointed out is legal but does slow other traffic down), driving without consideration, parking on cycle lanes, etc. etc.

    If only the cyclists and local groups had more of a say in the planning of roads and cycle lanes it would be better.

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