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    Now that this entire debacle has happened and lockdown is effectively ended in both Scotland and England, will be interesting to see what Drakeford has to say in regards to Wales.

    There are rumours that a 5 mile travel limit may be imposed on visiting relatives.

    Welsh Conservatives slam ‘arbitrary’ five mile lockdown rule in Wales

    However, this is potentially going to be comprehensively rejected and ignored as a large number of people within the county (myself included) already have to travel over 5 miles just to get to Wrexham, which is where a number of relatives live.

    Seems like stupidity as effectively I’ll be able to legitimately travel for food to Chirk McDonald’s when it re-opens and then nip over to England and meet people anywhere in England.

    Or will we all have to get our maps out and find points of intersection less than 5 miles away from our homes to meet up.



    The random nature of distance ‘guidance’ carries no scientific rational neither does the random nature of how many people you can meet.

    Just remember ONE infected person can infect everyone they meet – whether they just met one person or a hundred the risk remains the same..

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