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    Is it any wonder people want to travel, visit family and friends when it seems that the “rules” only apply to certain sectors of the UK public and not Johnson, Farage, Cummings, Kinnock and Royal Family for example, discuss.



    This is going to be good tomorrow morning:

    So @SophyRidgeSky will ask @grantshapps

    When did Mr Cummings first display symptoms?
    On what date did he travel to Durham?

    Did he stop on the journey?

    If so, did he comply with the 2m rule at all times?

    When was the Prime Minister made aware that he had made this journey?

    Did Mr Cummings remain in self-isolation for the duration of his time in Durham?
    Did he only make one trip, or multiple?



    Could be even more interesting as this evening it would appear that he was seen on more than one occasion out and about whilst supposedly self isolating.
    Brings into question his defence put forward by Cabinet members and the deputy chief medical officer of England.



    Of course everyone’s favourite over the border Welsh baiting MP has weighed in and declared it fake news despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary



    A positive story for once. So far SAGE scientists, Chief Medical Officers, politicians and more have broken the lockdown. Who is right and who is wrong? Possibly they those who have breached the lockdown are more enlightened about the usefulness of it than the public.

    Other scientists are pointing out the problems with the current models. Some even say the lockdown had no or minimal effect. SAGE is not transparent, the identity of its membership, why they are selected over other well-known academic experts is unknown.

    However, it doesn’t suit the agenda of the main stream media and some politicians to mention the alternative viewpoints as it does not fulfil their agenda.

    We have suddenly trusted too many experts. Where are all the dead from BSE and other such models? Are the scientists who developed the Wrexham footfall counter saying the town is improving correct? Has the 50 mph zone on the A483 worked to reduce emission? We have a short memory about Blair’s dodgy folder, that led to needless war, and an increase in terrorist threat.

    Cummings will be attacked. Some people will never forgive him for such an election victory. The remoaners especially because all their attempts to circumnavigate democracy and politicise the courts failed largely because of him.



    Laughable boot-licking waffle.

    The guy broke the same law that they told the ‘little people’ to obey, his position is untenable.



    Are the government so devoid of brain cells that he is the best government adviser available ? Perhaps if he does go we will see others shine and collective government will thrive and lead us out of this desperate situation.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express


    TimRegency – So the media and politically charged anti-Cummings brigade are now judge and jury? Wouldn’t they like that? As I have said in other threads, the law is so vague it is hardly enforceable. The courts have already found people unlawfully arrested and charged. The CPS is now reviewing all cases. When the pandemic is over let’s see how many cases survive the CPS tests for continuing a prosecution and also lead to a court conviction. Contrary to popular belief it is not an absolute offence and people will challenge the tickets – the policing of the lockdown is under increasing scrutiny and will be an interesting discussion in the future. Quite rightly, the pandemic should not be an excuse for a change in our policing methods or to change our fundamental legal principles.

    Cummings is being supported by the PM and appears to have a ‘reasonable reason’ -the protection of somebody vulnerable – childcare. Other than what dubious sources say, where is the evidence that will stand the test of a trial and lead to a conviction? In law, these days, more then the word of others on a witch-hunt, or hearsay is required. If the police investigate it, the evidence is found, the CPS agree to the prosecution, and a court finds him guilty then he has a case to answer, but not before then. Good on him for not just crumbling because of the attempts to publically shame him by partisans.

    AMA Express – Thanks for the list. Please now answer the remainder of the questions. Why are they selected over other well-known academic experts? Why is there a failure to consider other models from people equally as ‘expert’? And, do you accept that the examples I have provided suggest sound expert advice? If senior scientist, even those who created the lock-down, are ignoring it, what does that suggest about the real risk of most people from the virus? Are these experts ‘covidiots’ or realistic because they have calculated the risks to them and their families?

    Wrexview – a coordinated political response and consensus? When is that possible when we allow devolution to continue, and assembly members to play their power games?



    It’s a case of “Do as we say not as we do” – there’s lots of doctors who drink and smoke excessively due to the stresses of their jobs, yet they regularly treat and see patients die suffering from alcohol and smoking related cancers and other illnesses.

    We’re not saying perhaps they know something we don’t, because the NHS is under pressure from smoking and alcoholism. It’s a human condition where those in the higher up categories don’t think rules apply to them or suffer from willful blindness when it comes to their own health and safety.

    USA approaching 100,000 deaths now after their failure to carry out a lockdown properly. Things are not going well in lockdown free Sweden, registered the highest death per capita this week and hardly anyone tested in Stockholm has developed antibodies suggesting their herd immunity strategy has failed.

    The fact is human beings are instinctively hard wired for a lot of social close contact, so to expect a populous of millions to know how to effectively or even want to obey strict social distancing guidelines is beggar belief. There’s always going to be a number of infractions everyday, which means virus transmissions are going to occur. Sensible people aren’t waiting for a vaccine they are waiting for the number of infected in the community to drop to safer levels – just like in New Zealand.

    Once levels are down, now we have a strict border quarantine policy in place, which will limit new cases from coming into the country and in principle a track and trace app will lower community spread. However, I’m skeptical about this technological solution as not everyone will download it due to its intrusive nature and not everyone will report symptoms if they have other concerns (money concerns and they have no choice but not to work). There perhaps needs to be better ways of reducing the risk of community infection.

    In fact I’d be interested to hear what anti-lockdowners think about the track and trace app because effectively it enforces a series of mini lockdowns and if you download the app you are basically agreeing to participate in the worst game of tag you’re it ever. If someone walks past you in the supermarket who in a few days time reports mild Covid symptoms then you could end up having to self isolate for 2 weeks. This effectively encourages people to stay away from as many people as possible anyway or means tactically you just switch your phone’s Bluetooth off or put it into aeroplane mode or in fact just not download the app at all so you have no risk of being told you have to go into legally enforceable self isolation.

    This app will be rife for abuse – want to gaslight your entire network? Declare yourself ill and make them all self isolate for 2 weeks by not getting a follow up test. Fed up of work? School? That’s right report your illness and get work or school shut down.

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