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    It is all very well the Council taking money off us in the form of Council tax, which this year could go up by 5%. The now are requesting us to crowd fund projects they say they cannot afford. I would respectfully ask, that the 10 Executive Board members on £30k plus per annum, set the ball rolling by donating £1,500 each,from their generous salary, towards the setting up of the flags in the Guildhall.
    We hear of the council setting up a pet crematorium, estate agents office, the next idea could be a Wrexham Council Charity Shop.


    Rex Ham

    “The Council have to cut £45m from our budgets in the next three years, that means our focus is on the most vulnerable in society. We will be left with virtually no money for projects we would like to do but have no money for.”
    That is the quote from WCBC in reply to the question why? I would suggest this is a very good reply.

    As I understand it, the current proposal for “crowd funding” is to protect standards and flags which have historical importance to Wrexham. I can imagine the uproar on here if the council decided to fund this work from their general budget whilst cutting back on “front line” services.

    So why not try this innovative method. If you don’t want to contribute, don’t.



    I can imagine the uproar on here if the council decided to fund this work from their general budget whilst cutting back on “front line” services.

    So why not try this innovative method. If you don’t want to contribute, don’t.

    I do not believe that there would be uproar if this project was funded by the general budget. The Remembrance Day Service is funded by the Council, and Council staff and Counsellors can claim back their mileage allowance for attending. The Council have spent millions on the museum, cannot this project be funded out of money set aside for arts etc.



    Last year the Councillors and Officiers agreed to spend £15,000 on the Connect publication, obviously it was deemed a priority spend. That could have paid for this suggested crowd funded project and left some money over!



    So the Council have decided on the easy option, pay a company £4,000 per year to set up a donations page, couldn’t the Council do the same sort of thing on their website and save the subscription ( first donation maybe ) they would also save the percentage of each donation that the company will take as well.
    The people of Wrexham have a good track record of donating to good causes, Nightingale House and the Shooting Star spring to mind. If it is a worthy project and publicity is good , people will find a way to donate.



    Wrexview – you are perfectly right about Wrexham being a place of generosity-
    Crowdfunding is definitely a way of attracting funding for a cause very often from people who would not give to a particular charity and has been very successful for some organisations.
    As mentioned at the Council Executive today AVOW – Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham is very well placed to advise any organisation or agency in the community on how to use crowdfunding.
    Crucially AVOW is able to advise how a charity can maximise its donation value by claiming Gift Aid which means for every £1 collected a claim for Tax is made to bring this to £1.25 from a tax payer.
    The Council will not be able to reclaim the Gift Aid as it is only for charitable bodies. Charitable organisations are able to operate croudfunding without having to pay a £4k licence fee to any organisation as there are a number of platforms that are free but have the same percentage overhead charge of between 4-5%. and lower transaction costs.

    You are also right that a straightforward donate button could be set up on a no cost basis and often this method can be linked to an activity — Ice Bucket Challenge for instance raised many Millions for the MND Association and other charities.

    If any organisation is interested in learning more about Crowudfunding and maximising the value of donations contact or to find out what grants may be available email who has information on over 20,000 charitable trusts



    Are these historical flags. Does anyone know what type of flags these are– did they ever see active service or are they just commemorative ones



    Surely there is still time to stop this expensive outsourcing and set up the free, plus gift aid solution. Time for the Council to show flexibility not intransigence!

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