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    Further to Police Update On Town Centre Crime Figures | and Appeal After Three Hoodies Attempt Holt Rd Robbery | people have been in touch saying the stats or comments about crime are not accurate.

    However the general theme is that crimes are not reported to the police.

    Specifically two further thefts/robberies/attempts were mentioned on Holt Rd, however neither were reported.

    Similarly tonight Carl has posted on the Facebook comments for that story saying “The shop lifting stats are not correct anyway as at our shop we don’t call the police as they have told us it is a waste of time for such a small amount, and due to the age of most of the thief’s, so now we have to ask them to give us the produce back or ask them to pay, most never return but you get a few hard faced once who do.

    It is interesting as the stats reflect what is reported and recorded as crime, however without the report – or record – there is ‘no crime’ !


    Welsh Dresser

    If the crime isn’t reported or recorded how can we even guess at the true crime statistics.



    Never read so much rubbish in all my life.Crime figures down in Wrexham never.You never see any Police in Wrexham.Its full of Druggies,Beggers, Drunks or People who are not from Wrexham Roaming round the Town Centre.No wonder Wxm cannot get any new shops to the Town Centre.As for at Night time the only People seen at Night in a Uniform stopping Fights are the church People,who give out Foil coats or Flip Flopps,or Bouncers.If you get Punched in Wrexham at the Weekend.Police not Intrested.


    I work in a supermarket in the town and the police have told our security they will not deal with shoplifting if the value is under £20 as it’s a waste of their time. Now we just have to ban people and they all go unreported!

    ('er - email us on



    From little acorns …………



    Town Centre Forum Crime Figures Round-Up |

    I was going to post this up the other day but couldnt spot the thread – its interesting how small increases and decreases in crime can affect the ‘headline figure’ of crime percentages.

    It makes you wonder if shoplifting as mentioned above under £20 was reported / recorded what difference it would make.



    That is the response we get from the police, everything has to be called into the control room via 101, we are not allowed a crime link radio at the shop because a fruit and veg shop is not the normal place to have one, we have to rely on ringing anything in to the police.

    So when we call we get a snotty response from the operator because they ask how much the item was worth, for example last year I called in to report a £5 theft, and was told that there were no officers to deal with it and that one would call round, yes we got an appointment and an officer came, he looked at our CCTV, (of which was installed due to non shoplifting reasons) said oh yes i know them, but we can’t go and lock her up because it wouldn’t be in the public’s interest.

    Every event that happens at our shop is not in the public’s interest, we have had theft, shoplifting, trespassing, criminal damage and forced entry, but because we aren’t over a threshold, our events are not worth the work, maybe if they were caught, given an exclusion order for repeated offending they wouldn’t be able to enter the town to take anymore money away from the business.

    Here is a few of our characters that we have been told about, not to mention those who have lifted and got away without us knowing.



    And a few more



    A tweet from Mark Williams @NWPWrexhamTown,
    Spike in shoplifting in Wrexham over the weekend. Increased police presence this week to deter and detect.

    Has made me wonder when I read it, why is the police’s response to put more CSO’s in the town?

    Yes they are very good at what they do, but they should have undercover officers on our streets, I was observing a shoplifter on Saturday and followed her all the way through town on her little spree and I did not see one uniform, I had to help the final store manager that she stole from confront her and she got away from us, but we got the stock.

    It wasn’t until I was walking back to our shop that I saw a CSO and informed him of the incident and he then went to the store.

    Wrexham’s layout and stores are too easy for shoplifters, we need support and to work together to get rid of these low lifes, we also need Police, there was nobody to assist anyone in the town center on Saturday, and when I say assist, I mean on the streets awaiting trouble, there was days when the town was flooded with CSO’s, standing at points and then moving around to others, where are they all?


    Arfon Jones

    It is also my understanding that a lot of crime is not being recorded, but every time I mention it I get accused of undermining the cops and increasing the fear of crime. I am therefore pleased the matter has been raised on here.

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