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    The 2 businesses in town fined had to be pretty brazen in this current situation to try and encourage people into town to break lockdown just for haircuts and beauty treatments.

    Others have mentioned a number of non essential businesses in the town centre still opening despite not being allowed to do so. Is it the case that these 2 were the only ones caught and a tip of the iceberg for town centre spread of the infection, when everyone is trying so hard to get the numbers down.



    One of them is still advertising themselves as open and taking bookings for today and tomorrow over Facebook



    Today there are 119 people in the Maelor Hospital with covid,and staff putting their own health at risk looking after them. The people who have used these businesses during the lock down are as much to blame as the owners who flouted the law and opened. Hopefully both the Council and police will be watching them closely so that they remain closed. The fine was £1000, wonder why it wasn’t the maximum £10,000?

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    Council should have looked at the appointment book and fined customers as well!



    Fresh Fades barbers shop staff have not worn a face mask well I’ve never seen them, nor have majority of their customers, I’m not surprised they have opened & been fined. Guess they still won’t care.



    In light of the categoric denial by the owner of Lash Lab regarding the truth of the reporting by WCBC,, police and others an urgent statement of clarification of the ‘facts’ is necessary.
    IF the reporting is incorrect, an urgent apology must be made by made and suitable restitution made for the damage likely to be caused to the business.



    Another service that still seems to be opened are some dog groomers- one of the other Wrexham Social Media sites allows people to post about looking for Dog Groomers and there is a long list of recomendation of shops still doing this. Surely dog grooming is not an ‘essential’ service and this type of request and promotion should be banned.



    Yes some dog groomers have never closed since covid started and mobile hair dressers,i suppose they claim for loss of earning and pocket the rest of the money tax free!



    Benjamin, yes I’ve also seen online that the owner categorically denies being open/the recipient of the fine.

    However, it seems a bit strange that the police and senior council members would get something this serious wrong before putting information on the council news site and it being released to Post.

    Both and the Post are known to take down or correct articles that are factually incorrect and contain potentially libellous and damaging information. These articles have not been taken down or edited yet.

    There is further information on social media that the person in question was actively advertising services were still open as usual after lockdown was announced.

    It’s the usual case of factually unverified information doing rounds on Facebook and Twitter versus more reliable information from official sources and regulated media sources.

    Hopefully someone will be able to clear this up as otherwise it makes a complete mockery of enforcement process if either an incorrect business can be named and shamed and cause them reputational damage. Or if they did do it can just worm their way out of being made an example of by issuing a denial.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    From the website

    You may leave your home to take your pet to be groomed. You should do this only if necessary for your animal’s welfare and not simply for aesthetic purposes.

    You should contact the groomer in advance to make an appointment. Ask the groomer if they operate a mobile service or provide a collection and drop-off service

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