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    Ioan y Ffin

    The trouble with fines is that we have no idea how many of the fines imposed are actually paid. These new fines may deter a few, but as hardly a week goes by without a police force announcing that it is stretched to the limit and can’t enforce the rules, there is little chance of many fines being imposed. The kind of rational people who might be deterred by the thought of a fine are the logical sensible people who will already be wearing a mask. The best way is for society in general to ostracize people who refuse to wear masks in places where such behaviour creates a serious risk to other people. No one likes being ostracized and it may just get through their thick skins that they need to change their behaviour.



    What is the difference between someone with a gun doing random shootings and someone who is Covid positive – the end result is likely to be the same some people will die and others will be seriously ill.
    There are laws to stop someone owning a deadly gun so why not strict laws for someone spreading a deadly virus?

    Derek, the difference is someone premeditatively knows that acquiring and then loading up a gun and then pointing it at someone they actively have intention of harming or threatening to harm someone.

    Someone could end up Covid positive through no fault of their own as it spreads through the human population – they don’t know who they have acquired it from and they may not even know they have acquired it. There are issues with getting hold of a test, there’s currently a shortage and a backlog.

    People in London are being told that their nearest test centre is in Edinburgh. If you can’t get a test and you are feeling under the weather, people are seeking an opinion from a GP. There are stories of people wanting to go back to work and parents going to the GP with their child and being told that symptoms described after being unable to access a local test sounds more like a cold and on balance of proportions it is unlikely to be Covid-19 and they are okay on a doctor’s advice to return to work or school.

    Also people who are completely asymptomatic are being told to not seek a test. If you feel well in yourself and others seem you as appearing well then you will not seek to self isolate for 14 days if you’ve not been specifically instructed to do so by a test and trace team.

    So therein I’ve described 2 types of people who could be carrying and spreading covid about: 1) Those unable to be tested and misdiagnosed and told they just have a cold by a GP who could be spreading and 2) Asymptomatic Carriers who are told not to seek a test. Via a loophole and failure of the system both these people can argue within the bounds of the law that they were safe to mix with others. A simple availability of tests and a positive/negative result would avoid spread far more than financial and criminal punishment.

    These 2 types of Covid Positive people as you describe them and who are being unfairly labelled for catching a virus that infects people like a lottery are being likened to criminals who threaten to shoot and kill people. That is the level of fear and hysteria we are at right now in this country and round the world. The fact of the matter is this Government (and Devolved) needs to be doing better and shoulder the responsibility of the spread and not unfairly paint individuals unfortunate enough to get ill then fall foul of the rules to get blamed for further spread.

    I saw an article stating Wuhan was able to test 10m people in 10 days at one point of the outbreak. Until a vaccine is in place – we wouldn’t have the resources to hit any kind of moonshot testing programme, but we ought to be testing everyone who needs it at least.



    It seems the blame for everything is people not wearing masks, its only been mandatory for around a week, previously Welsh government scientific advice saying they were not particularly effective. Now its causing all the problems in creation. Nobody knows who’s exempt from wearing a mask only the person themselves, I wear mine when required indoors because its mandatory and also the correct thing to do, its my responsibility to reduce the risk to myself and others, and I accept that responsibility. Sadly we live in a society where some will not take that responsibility and require guidance.
    Testing is the problem, the extreme negativity promoted by the media is getting to people and they are scared, they get their usual cold or cough and its a rush to get a test that’s not available.

    Drakeford and VG just politically use England and Boris as the excuse they need so as not to blame themselves, their tv updates last week were virtually party political broadcasts. They have known for weeks that this problem would surface and did nothing except now adding that we have extra capacity in Wales which we will bring into use over the next few weeks, what unbelievable ineptitude !!

    The UK as a whole is testing virtually a quarter of a million people daily and most are negative but the media keeps on pushing the agenda of fear and focusing on all the negative aspects of the situation. We have virtually no cases locally, from well over a thousand tests the last 4 days we have a handful, with all the rest if symptomatic probably having seasonal colds etc, our hospital is empty of Covid cases and if we all take care and adhere to the rules then hopefully it will stay that way.



    Don’t think the Maelor is empty of covid patients, and Glan Clwyd now has an increase in numbers of covid patients. The problem with giving out fines is what do you do about those who don’t pay ?



    TruthbeKnown – has the briefing this morning by the scientist given you enough information now to highlight that this is not about the media driving up negativity.
    If what they have said is not taken as being the truth then surly we may as well all give up and just let the virus take over.



    Derek, they were giving worst case scenarios, on the same lines as all the wrong Brexit predictions, where as Wrexham has virtually no new cases and falling all the time, it would be criminal if they were to lock the whole of Wales down again and then me might as well all give up, we have to live with it use common sense and get on with things.

    It seems to me that some people are revelling in all the doom and gloom.

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    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    A Quote I read

    Chris Twitty and his scaremongering are doing more damage to the populations health and the country’s economy than anyone else. He is an un-elected baffoon who keeps quoting figures that only he understands. It’s about time the govenment started listening to the other experts who are saying totally different things. SAGE has got most things wrong throughout this pandemic, so what makes anyone think they have got this right. I wouldn’t let Twitty have control of the TV remote, never mind the countries health

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    A weak-minded quote.

    Whitty is a scientist. Scientists become qualified and are appointed on merit and experience. So this very silly misapplication of the word ‘unelected’ merely embarrasses the speaker.



    Get the troops out to police lockdown laws. Fines don’t work and a lot who get them wouldn’t give a toss about paying them. Lock down the streets and challenge everyone.
    People prove they cannot be trusted. £200 is nothing for a lot even if they do pay it.
    How many don’t isolate after holidays and how many got a fine? A fine would just be an extra holiday tax and better than losing your money by not going.

    Truthbeknown – “The UK as a whole is testing virtually a quarter of a million people daily and most are negative but the media keeps on pushing the agenda of fear and focusing on all the negative aspects of the situation.”

    A neighbour was told they needed a test by the Doctor and after filling in the forms on the internet they had 3 slots available somewhere up Blackpool way she said. She doesn’t drive and they tell you not to go on public transport. She hasn’t had a test and is self isolating with her cat.



    MP1953 if we don’t trust the scientists, who do we trust? “Creative and imaginative” Boris?

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