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    Captain C

    Well said zinger.



    There’s a place where you aren’t allowed to criticise political leadership of any kind – it’s called North Korea.

    We all had to hear endless hammering of Ian Lucas for years so it’s swings and roundabouts.

    And you can make up a drinking game every time someone mentions Atherton is new to the job. At what point does she remove her training wheels? The salary paid to MPs dictates that they become highly competent very quickly or step aside and let the electorate vote someone else in.

    A high level council officer on a similar amount of remuneration wouldn’t get away with the “oh they’re still new on the job” after almost 9 months.

    Like you said Captain we’re all entitled to our opinions and this is a public forum of discussion where debate is encouraged – if we all agreed it would be incredibly boring.

    I will give her one thing – at least Wrexham isn’t stuck with someone like Rob Roberts, so it could be worse.



    Not saying that we shouldn’t criticise politicians Matt but this post is is entitled Covid – 19 Spike in the Maelor. Some of us are actually concerned about this. Out of 400 tests taken yesterday in Caia Park & Hightown only 2 came back positive. We need more information. 24 out of 26 positive tests were in the North. Where were they? Is the spread still in the Maelor & if so, why?
    Keep the politics to a post appertaining to politics. It is repeticious, monotonous & boring. It adds nothing to the post.



    “Criticism may not be agreeable but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things”



    Zinger well said we have serious situation in our community and can’t be back biting over politicians. PHW say 2 confirmed out of 400 tests. They don’t say 2 out of 400 tests that had actually been through the lap and tested.
    Testing a person is only one step — the crucial test is how many proved positive out of the tests in the lab- they may have only processed 100? The numbers given out are only part of the picture and not the whole.

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