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    So the next stage in the long winded proposals to merge counties is reaching another step. Yet again the Leader of Wrexham Council is calling the plans ‘lunacy’.
    Well Clr Pritchard you don’t need to look far at what is going on in your own council under your leadership to see examples of lunacy on your own door step.

    Consultants, consultants and more consultants costing many millions of pounds — why are you employing senior managers if they cannot full fill the role they are being paid to do – MANAGE
    The issuing of ear plugs to ALL senior managers and the Executive Board so that they don’t have to listen to what the public or STAFF tell the Council Leadership.
    Developing a new meaning of a word that needs to go into dictionaries- the word reshaping is now another word for service closure and dismissal of staff.
    Your personal fear to meet with the Leadership in Flintshire is well documented- self preservation of Council Members and Senior managers leaves the public believing that there is no strength in Wrexham but a culture of cowardice to even have meetings.

    It is only a few years ago that anyone working in the Council was proud to go anywhere and talk about the great services that have been made Wrexham a flagship — unfortunately many of this flags are now well and truly at half mast with so little good happening you would have to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

    Get out of your ivory tower into your car and drive to Alyn Waters to meet the Leadership from Flintshire on the county boundary- do you not have any morals at all to work for the benefit of the people in Wrexham rather than the personal benefits of the Executive and Senior managers by protecting your jobs/roles-


    You should offer him out Dylan, sort it the old fashioned way.


    bobo the clown

    It’s only lunacy if your a highly paid councillor doing a piss-poor job and scared to death you’re own personal gravy-train is about to become derailed.

    The lunacy was creating 22 councils covering a country of this size. The lunacy was allowing Gwynedd, with all it prejudices, to dominate all “joint initiatives”. The lunacy has been Wrexham Councillors forbidding any mention of merger in any discussions by Council officers … it’s actually forbidden to consider the potential impact of a merger when making any Council plans.

    The lunacy is half-baked, half educated, half arsed morons like him in positions of such power.



    In April 1996 Wrexham County Borough Council began with D Griffin as its Chief Executive who left the new departments created to get on with the job with no interference,fast forward a few years and he left with a few rumours going about as to why which if any were true who knows.
    In his place the council appointed a Mrs Isobel Garner from Oxford Council who came in with a new broom and fancy ideas and the rot began what was not broken had to be fixed and changes here,there and everwhere took place what was a well run council ceased and the morale of the majority of the staff dropped considerably and that has not risen very much.
    Now we see that a review of ‘management’ is having to take place and I have to think is this the calm before the storm, the jury I have to say is out on this.
    Anyway Wrexham Council well run and managed in these turbulent times MY ARSE



    Typical councilors against the idea, I bet it is because over half will be made redundant, which is a good thing more money to spend.

    This should definitely happen, but unfortunately I BET the council office will Not be in the Largest Town Wrexham, which is a dam shame.



    Woogleeye you forgot to mention the current management following Isobel Garner– Helen Patterson was brought in as Chief Executive and Lee Robinson as Strategic Director – both supposed to be Change Management Experts.
    Both were appointed by the Labour led Council. It is these two officers and the Council Executive who are responsible for brining in the massively expensive PWC consultants to carry out the job they should be doing.
    Management in any organisation has the responsibility to deal with the rough and the smooth- that does not mean off load every difficult decision.
    We should not be hung up on where the Council operate from provided front line services are accessible– the fear of things being moved to Shire Hall in Mold are unfounded as Flintshire Council are moving staff out of offices that need to be pulled down due to ‘concrete cancer’.
    The biggest fear is that the front line services will be shredded and there will be very little to merge–
    Don’t forget both the Senior Management and Leader of the Council should get a wage reduction as the staff and finances figures reduces– I am sure the decision to revise these will be one of the last things to be considered.


    bobo the clown

    I would question whether Dr. Helen Patterson actually exists.

    Whereas the other named people, Derek Griffin especially, was routinely seen and spoke about matters when did she last pipe up …. on anything. If went through its archives I’d be surprised if she ever gets a mention.

    The one thing she DID do, quite early on, is give her Chief Officers significant pay rises. The main impact of that being that it justified HER getting an equally significant rise.

    Otherwise … seriously ….what has she ever been reported as doing ?



    BoBo– Helen Patterson does exist but looking at her latest blog she must be on another planet– I am sure anyone working in the Council at the moment or indeed Council Member would question her view about the Council. Her perception is a million miles away from the feeling in the corridors of the Guildhall with staff moral so low its through the floor.
    Make your own judgement–

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