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    Some new Sell2Wales bits up: – Joint tender with Wrexham, Flintshire and Denbighshire for The Supply and distribution of Sandwich Fillings , value of £700,000. – The purpose of this tender exercise is procure a Principal Building Contractor to undertake the construction of new Community Building at Bryn Avenue,Johnstown, Wrexham. likely the hunt for a trust “Wrexham County Borough Council is seeking an operator for its leisure facilities. The contract will include the following core facilities:
    1. Waterworld Leisure & Activity Centre
    2. Chirk Leisure & Activity Centre
    3. Gwyn Evans Leisure & Activity Centre
    4. Queensway Sports Stadium
    5. Clywedog Leisure & Activity Centre
    6. Darland Leisure & Activity Centre
    7. Morgan Llwyd Leisure & Activity Centre
    8. Rhiwabon Leisure & Activity Centre
    9. Rhosnesi Leisure & Activity Centre
    The contract will be for a period of 10 years with an option of a negotiated extension of up to five years.”

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    The contract length to run the Leisure Services,including Waterworld,is 10 years with an option to extend a further 5 years. Why such a long contract, surely a shorter one at first maybe 2-3 years ,would be prudent , to establish the facilities are being maintained and well run. As long contract will tie the hands of the next elected council too .

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