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    Changing the subject but still concerning our executive board members,I see they are looking at ways to save money but can anyone tell me what kind of pensions do the executives get and also other council workers,in any other walk of life the individual has ended up paying more for their pension,So can anyone tell me what has happened within our council?



    What a bloody joke executive members are possibly going to get a £800 pound a year pay rise,can we not do anything about this,one rule for one and one for another,a disgrace.



    All the details are on the Council website for everyone to see.



    Kill two birds with one stone – make councillors use the buses.



    Why not great idea .



    Someone on the Forums mentioned pension payments for Councillors, the end column of the allowances list shows those who pay towards a pension, assume figure shown is the Council contribution rather than Councillor. Someone will clairify if that is wrong .

    The figures are for the last financial year, the lastest available on the Council site.



    They are councillors for god sake they are immune from paying out, they could give part of there upcoming pay rise to pay for the parking, “couldn’t they” no that’s to easy.



    £800 pound increase that’s there council tax covered for the next financial year, no worries for them then.



    A couple of points that won’t be popular on here but here goes:-

    1 Probably as many people have free parking whilst working as don’t.

    2 The councillors pay is set by an independent body as is MP’s salary and is worked on the basis as to what the job’s worth and to attract people to the job.

    3 Anyone, anyone can become a councillor its not rocket science and very few of them are academics or the like, so if people have a gripe put your name forward.

    I do however thing that Council officials are a different matter and a lot of them don’t even live in Wrexham so have no vested interest in the town.

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.


    Council Watcher

    MP — many people do have free car parking in work but why with the Council is it only the highest paid that get the ‘perk’ – as an income generation for the Council to save services being cut every ‘private’ business car parking space should have a levy tax — most private car parking spaces in Wrexham cost between aprox £1000 and £1400 a year — surely the land owner would not miss a 10/20% car parking tax!

    Good pay for good work is a valid point — how come then there does not seem to be any appropriate check of ‘good work’ — many Councillors hardly ever turn up to meetings and even more appear to be struck dumb as their contributions are nil — perhaps a more structured performance pay system based on actual effort and contribution would be more meaningful — reward the more active and cut back on the non-performers.

    Becoming a Councillor may be open to everyone but so many people are disillusioned with the arrangements that they don’t see any value in the role.

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