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    Your report about the potential pay rises for Clr is appalling to try and digest.
    Council staff and other Public Sector employees have only had generally a 1% payrise over the past three or four years -n in the same period Council Members have had 7%– were is the justice!!



    Do you think it possible if this is passed by the Executive Board then the Independants may call it in to be reviewed by a Scrutiny Committee?



    Still interested to know what would happen if they vote against it. Implication is always that they could face some horrific legal sanctions. Any previous cases to compare it to?

    Regarding councillors donating part of their allowance to charity, an FOI I submitted to find out which ones had returned ‘department holds no relevant information’.



    @liam 12065 wrote:

    Regarding councillors donating part of their allowance to charity, an FOI I submitted to find out which ones had returned ‘department holds no relevant information’.

    Had similar – it seems any donations are privately done rather than via the Council itself.

    Some Cllrs are happy to share receipts as proof that donations have occurred though.

    Hopefully a collation of responses, and non responses, will be online on Saturday at some point.

    The ‘legal issues’ are very vague indeed though! :D



    If you want to know where Wrexham is in the Council pay league table go to
    this shows that Wrexham is a middle range as far as Wales Local Authorities. Wales overall is above the UK average.
    As far as legal position is concerned the allowance does not have to be taken or a Councilor can accept a lower level direct from the Authority. They can also as stated take the full amount and the donate to a charity.

    What should be asked is how many Councillors are also in the Local Government Pension Scheme as they could join this from 2003.



    I was likely in short trousers when it occurred, but at what point did the role of councillor become paid? Was it the start of the new authority?

    I am trying to find the reasoning for moving from a free / voluntary role to one that is a paid one, and then will look at how / if its improved things.



    Having followed the debate on here for a year, the case should be that either officers are appointed to do the work, or councillors are appointed to do the work? The role of councillors in other organisations, large or small, would normally be a quarterly, or maybe monthly, oversight meeting. Challenging the day to day people running the organisation to make sure they stay to policy and budget. We do not need, and we cannot afford, to pay twice for managing the County? It comes down to how many people are doing what, and is the community getting best value for money, and the best future affordable?



    Wxm, some suggested reading for you:
    WCBC Constitution- Overview and Scrutiny-Council Staff- Part 1-2.

    I think you will find that it clearly demonstrates that there is a comprehensive procedure in existence that EXACTLY defines roles within the organisation for effective management, scrutiny and implementation of policy.

    Do other organisation have Councillors or are they run by a Board of Directors? And is it not the responsibility of both to decide on policy for implementation by others? I think you will find that their roles are very similar.
    To put it simply: Councillors set policy and ensure adherence. Officers implement.
    I honestly cannot understand what point you are trying to make.
    It was a difficult post to assimilate, made even more so by superfluous use of inappropriate question marks.



    We sent out a bulk email to all 52 Councillors on Wednesday after the report to see if they plan on taking the payrise or if they plan on donating it to charity. Would say at least 40 have yet to reply…. Be interested to see what the comments are (if any) against / for the proposals on Tuesday at the Executive Board



    Defining a role, and getting value for money, are two different things.

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