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    Just read this article from Plaid Cymru who reported that one of their councillors was reported to the ombudsman by other councillors because they felt hurt over some some strong language aimed at them by a Wrexham member of the public that the Plaid councillor liked – details of the whole farcical tittle tattle in the link below.

    With this in mind and a recent resignation from the Executive Board of Clr Baldwin over allegations of his “liking” and “sharing” of posts from Far Right organisations on social media also reported on, should councillors and the councillor’s monitoring officer perhaps be spending their time more constructively than pathetic virtual playground mudslinging and tell-tale behaviour.

    Perhaps they should be spending more time looking at how incoming cuts are going to affect their constituents and look at ways into mitigating these effects into the most vulnerable. Quite frankly someone should just confiscate all of their iPads.

    Never has such a poor example been set by those supposedly elected to represent us all and provide leadership and guidance to those in future generations. Shameful.



    I agree Matt. What is actually wrong with the word ‘ twits ‘ ?



    Irrespective who sid what / when etc the key issue to be questioned is why the Leader of the Council chose to bypass the Councils own Constituion for dealing with complaints via their own Standards Committee. This seems to be more about political point scooring by the Independents and an others.
    To embark on a pathway that someone is guilty and go stright to the judge reflects the total lack of democracy



    Just read the article about this issue and it is incredibly petty from the Executive Board members who made the complaint in the first place.

    We are supposed to expect them to have the fortitude to make “Difficult Decisions” where it comes to making cuts across Wrexham that will impact thousands of households. Yet someone “likes” a crude but not the worst level of criticism a council can receive online and they absolutely lose their minds over it.

    Is that not by very definition acting like a shower of twits?

    We’ve got another 2 and a half years of this to look forward to.

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