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    Just wait until all the fuss when they decide their iPads are ‘obsolete’ next year, just so they can all mess about with the stupid facial recognition technology. They will just continue to rack up more and more pointless and selfish expenditure at the Council Tax payers’ expense.

    The only way you are ever going to get past this death of local council progress by stranglehold from the current batch of old duffers and no marks is to wait for them to retire or drop dead. Then there’s no guarantee some equally as annoying bunch of replacements don’t come in and continue alienation ad infinitum. Because the councillors local friends & family are going to return the same people year after year. No-one else can put a strong enough counter voting block forward, not even with party backing. You want a shout at getting in as a councillor next election? Start fixing fences now, driving the elderly to the shops, getting the local farmers pigs in during a storm. Yes, those are all commendable community activities, but have nothing in the way of making you competent to make effective decisions about running a county with 135,000 People living in it.

    Wrexham Council and particularly the Exec Board is not a platform for radical thinking. If a local issue can’t be beaten to death by consultants or lawyers then they have to find a way for it conveniently to slip through the cracks until the persons affected just give up. Plus the dominance of independents means that they have none of that pesky party political interference from higher up. All guaranteed to mean no progress is made and everyone gets paid.

    There a few a good councillors in there but they can’t get in any influence with the regime.




    Just another piss poor performance by a certain percentage of our elected representatives who need the gravy train to keep running and their big snouts in the trough.
    And another two fingers to the council tax payers who as all know are looked on as cash cows, I wonder how much more they will tell us no demand us to pay come April 2018.
    And I have to wonder who sits and makes the pay recommendations on this independent review panel nudge nudge wink wink.


    This might be a different topic but its still relevant. I read a report this week about Wrecsham Council being fined £160000 having been taken to court by the safety executive for failure to protect their staff from vibration white finger.
    Council Leader Mark Pritchard quickly tried to exonerate himself from any blame saying that it was a matter that predated the current administration; but the judge is reported as saying that’there was a significant failure between 2011 and 2016′ I thought Councillor Pritchard took his independent coalition into power in summer 2013 so not sure how this predates his administration or how he can be blame free.

    The report goes on to say that failure to protect the workers occurred in the street scene department. The judge said ‘ those in charge including elected members had to understand that safety should be taken seriously’ So the elected member looking after the street scene department is being overtly criticised by a judge for the departments failures. The lead member responsible for street scene is Councillor David Bithell.

    So while Councillors Laurel and Hardy were both voting to keep their fat salaries last week, the people of Wrexham find themselves £160000 worse off due to rank bad leadership.


    Council Watcher

    I think what Cllr Pritchard has eluded to in saying it predates his administration is partly correct — the first instance to be investigated was before Cllr Pritchard’s time but because the recommendations/enforcement notice was not implemented incidents then occurred during Cllr Pritchards leadership- Council Members – have been found guilty as charged and also the Chief Executive.

    Interesting in this case why have the Unions not made a statement about protecting their members – were they not even involved– remember that we (rate payers) are paying for Union Facilities etc. When have yu ever seen anything from any of the Council Unions in Wrexham publicly criticise the Council for all the cuts and redundancies- If they are not effective for their members then why should they have a ratepayer subsidy!!



    46% of Wrexham Council workers are paid less than the minimum wage according to BBC Wales. Our Councillors make sure they get the top level of pay. Happy Xmas.



    46% of Wrexham Council workers are paid less than the minimum wage according to BBC Wales. Our Councillors make sure they get the top level of pay. Happy Xmas.

    Should have read living wage not minimum.



    It seems Wrexham Council are quick enough to to hold their hands out but if others do the same then they are wasting valuable tax payers money!!!!

    Wake up ALL at WMBC, nobody is indispensable. You could quite easily find yourselves in the same queue I’ve stood in so many time…

    And personally, I hope you do!

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