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    “Allowances for Hammersmith & Fulham councillors have been frozen for the second year running.

    The decision to freeze payments for all councillors follows the unprecedented 10 per cent cut to cabinet members’ allowances – which saw the first-ever reduction in members’ allowances at H&F Council.

    The pay cut and subsequent allowances freeze is central to the council’s commitment to protecting frontline services for local residents, by stripping out wastefulness, bringing an end to unnecessary roles and inflated salaries at the Town Hall.

    This has seen over £600,000 cut from the cost of senior management over the last two years.

    The 10 per cent cut and subsequent allowances freeze mean that the annual allowances paid have fallen as below:

    Leader of the Council cut from £35,763 to £32,186.70
    Deputy Leader cut from £29,796 to £26,816.40
    Cabinet Members from £23,838 to £21,454.20”

    This quote shows how another Council can freeze allowances and indeed cut allowances . The rate paid to the Leader of the Council in this case is substantially less than paid to the Leader of Wrexham Council. Why is there such a wide discrepancy in the rate of pay?


    Interesting post from a few months ago. Councillors in other authorities who agree to pay cuts and pay freezes, councillors who lead by example. Unlike the self serving bunch of leeches at Wrexham council who this week voted to keep their inflated wages.
    The vote should shame all those councillors who claim themselves to be ‘independent’ Every single one of them voted identically. Not one of them was prepared to set an example; they must have been told which way to vote by their leaders Messers Pritchard and Bithell.
    If your councillor stood as an independent then independent they should be. Selfish lily livered cowards.



    The problem is that a lot of people in Wrexham don’t think that their Councillors are doing a good job and pay freezes and reductions are not a good way of increasing the quality of candidates last time I checked.

    Difficult to compare Wrexham with an affluent area like West London which will be awash with wealthy early retirees, experienced professionals, willing to do the job for what is pocket money for them.



    In Wrexham you cant even say value for money for the majority of Councillors-

    If you look at some of the incredibly low attendance figures for all our democratically elected ‘representative’ Councillors some have only attended about 3 meetings in 4 months-

    All electors should ask themselves:
    1. Has my local Councillor been in touch since being elected
    2. Has my Councillor asked me for my views on any issue (remember they are local REPRESENTATIVES)
    3. Has your Councillor (if an Independent) sent you a newsletter telling you which Group of Independents they are now part of?
    4. Has your Independent Councillor told you why they have aligned themselves with either the Pritchard or the Bitthel camp- what were they promised to join up.
    5. Why did you vote for an ‘Independent’ Councillor when they are now supporting the old Pritchard/Bitthel regime- when they promised to be elected to make a differnce and see change.
    6. Why have our elected Councillors become lapdogs to the Leadership.
    7. Is your Councillor staying away from meetings to avoid people pointing the finger at them failing to follow through on what they were saying before the election.

    ALL Councillors should look at the above and reflect on how you could answer these questions now that you have drawn your pay for 4 months- over £4000 – do YOU think you are giving YOUR Electorate value for money?????



    Should have said I don’t know Rob Walsh personally but he is someone who seems to immediately engage with his local people on Twitter as soon as an issue is raised on other is Paul Rogers – so it looks like residents in Brymbo and Llay seem to have a Councillor that reacts to issues.



    What was on the table from the Democratic Scrutiny Committee was for the full Council to adopt the lower of the two levels of pay for Councilors as outlined by the INDEPENDANT Remuneration Panel for Wales.

    The Democratic Scrutiny Committee is made up of 3 Labour, 3 Conservative, 1 Plaid and 6 Independent.

    Councillor Pritchard would not accept this and proposed to postpone until next year and await the findings of the remuneration panel in the hope that, only 1 level of pay will be proposed.

    What annoys me is that the 6 Independent and 3 Conservatives who put forward the change in levels of pay, all voted to now change their tune and voted with Councillor Pritchard.

    Talk about NO GUTS.



    How can you be an Independant and then join a group??



    How can you be an Independant and then join a group??

    You have to be in a Group to get one of the better paid jobs. However, there are two Independent Councillors in Wrexham that are not aligned and remain free to vote as they think.



    Free to vote but the system makes them totally ineffective



    Plaid and Labour councillors voted to turn down the pay rise, saving £41,000 but as you point out, all “Co-dependant” and Tory councillors voted to accept it.

    What would you do with £41,000 in Wrexham? I’d employ police for the town centre.

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