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    Ssssshhhh! They have gritted my road today. The first time ever I think. Bad weather must be expected.


    They have done the estate I live on in the last hour, cannot remember the last time they have been here.



    Personally I think they should grit a lot of the side streets too, not just the main roads. When I was a kid, they always gritted “on a bus route” or so I was led to believe, which appears to be NOT true seeing as they never touch Monger Road or any other road on the GHA 42 route. Shame really.


    maureen gray;17915 wrote:
    what is wrong with wrexham council bosses, yesterday – bout 3pm and again at 1am this morning and then even again at 10am the gritter went past my house. What a complete waste of petrol the idiots!!

    are you real?


    Maureen Gray

    Of course I’m real young man. Its the plonkers that reply to stupid threads like this one that are unreal. Don’t believe a word I type, hahahahahahahaha, I’m quite mad you know..Hh hahahahahahha



    And to think Maureen you have sold BenjaminM a kipper. You naughty lass.

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