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    Maureen Gray

    What is wrong with Wrexham Council Bosses, yesterday – bout 3pm and again at 1am this morning and then even again at 10am the gritter went past my house. What a complete waste of petrol the idiots!!

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    a) They don’t use petrol.

    b) Dammed if they do grit, dammed if they don’t.



    Congratulations Maureen, you have just shot up to the top of the list for the most ridiculous thread started EVER!!




    That’s why she’s here. A different perspective.

    If you will, it’s a bit like that daft ornament or painting you might have that really doesn’t go with the rest, but you have it anyway.

    And you wouldn’t throw it out for the world.

    Carry on Mo.



    Were they actually GRITTING Mo. or were they on there way to untreated roads?
    Conditions were pretty bad this morning and so I think it a bit unfair to blame them without knowing the full story.
    Bless you Mo. keep warm and if you need a friend to help you ,don’t hesitate to ask.

    Mrs Crewe
    Mrs Crewe

    As someone who has to drive to work, long may they grit. Personally I would prefer that Muareen never sleeps a wink than I or others died in car crashes due to un-gritted roads



    You need some perspective if you consider that a waste of ‘petrol’. In the grand scheme of things that is nothing.

    I imagine you’re probably more annoyed at the disturbance?


    Phone the Police Mo, repeatedly.
    If you encounter any reluctance, remind ’em who pays their wages, that usually brings a result.



    So you’re complaining because the gritter WAS out?!



    It has to be said I’ve seen the council gritting at strange times of the day recently, very early evening when the weather has been fine and forecast has been fine.
    Yes they were spreading grit and yes we all know the lorries use diesel .. it has a cost just like petrol, as does the grit.
    For sure we want safe roads but the more “methodical” the council have supposedly got the more bizare and hazzardous the rouds have been in my opionion.
    Chester Road and Box Lane at least anyway… and they are major arteries.

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