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    Has anyone heard anything about the possibility of the Council taking on the old BHS as the lease on the current building in Lord Street with the Contact Centre is due to end within two years?

    Rumours that BHS is going to have a conversion into offices are starting to emerge..



    I have not heard anything but was it not the plan to do away with all property rented by the Council and bring it in house. If memory serves me right I think the rent for the Contact Centre is around £78k per annum.



    Old Hippodrome site up for auction on the 20th, wonder if anyone will buy it and put it to good use?

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    WCBC is trying to get rid of buildings so it’s untrue. It needs to sell them all off.
    It used to rent space above bhs also above Specsavers but pulled out and is getting staff from all buildings on industrial estate and crown buildings.

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