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    Not just in WCBC, but generally, when HR departments were known as Personnel Departments the focus was on the person, their welfare, working conditions and displaying a duty of care.
    Along came national austerity and PR depts almost overnight became HR – Human Resources where individuals were no longer valued as an individual who contributed to the good of the organisation but rather as a commodity that can be used or dispensed with at will.
    I can fully understand why individuals need time away from their labours when, due to cutbacks and increased workload, where management are expecting to get 2 pints from a 1 pint pot.
    Sickness levels are unlikely to decrease to any palpable degree whilst underfunding and understaffing are now considered to be the new norm.


    Council Watcher

    The personal comments being made on this thread highlights what appears to be a totally ineffective Union support service for Council workers. The decline in active union members over the past 10+ years reflects an antiquated system that questions whether they have a place in today’s working environment. If someone actually used their union fees to purchase an employment protection Policy they could get better coverage and also change to spend on private health care.

    It is very rare if at all you ever hear that a Public Sector Union in Wrexham has actually managed to motivate their members to actually stand up for their rights.

    Has anyone who is a Unison or Unite Member had a level of support that has proved beneficial to their terms of employment.



    Well said.




    I agree, I worked for WCBC for 25 years and had an excellent sick record ( never off unless hospital admission) But I am aware that there were colleagues that were off for the slightest reason, knowing that they were on full pay, { this is NOT the same as those with genuine reasons of sickness} all i’m saying is if they weren’t going to be paid would they have still been off?

    No they would not …

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

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