Council Staff and Members get perks but wont say how much it cost ratepayers

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    Well done Carol, thank god somebody in the know has told it how it is about them sponging-gits!
    Don’t they know we pay they’re wages!!
    I have it on good authority that them lazy good-for-nothings probably get free food & drinks, clothes, boots, hats, scarf & gloves! They’d have free-transport, free-parking and free-air! They are free to go into any Leisure Centre in the County and use any of the facilities during public-opening hours. They pay no poll-tax and stop work at 3pm every-Friday and have two days off a week! Bastards!



    They also probably get free accommodation during working hours…. why do you think council rent is so high? Basically if you ‘work’ for the council you have no expenditures and all your income can be used for holidays (yes they get approx 28 days holiday a year and a few to cover bank holidays as well. I know i know the cheeky mares!) And not forgetting all the brand new vws and fords they drive (company cars of course)

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