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    Interesting to see that Cllr Atkinson has waded into the issue that Ian Lucas MP raised about the slow pace in the installation of the ‘sea container’ accommodation units to supplement the existing night shelter. I agree that this issue should not be about photos but action —
    Cllr Atkinson, Hughes and Jones can you please explain why it has taken from one winter period to another and still not have the units available?
    We have people on our streets who are unlikely to make it through another winter if these units are not sorted?
    It was declared that emergency accommodation was required last winter yet still not in place-
    Thankfully we don’t have high-rise flats or anything similar in the area that could require emergency re housing – it would appear the Council solution would be to nip down to Mountain Warehouse and buy a few tents.
    If correct, then a local supplier could have had them installed by now – built by people who are homeless to give them a sense of ownership.
    This issue is the responsibility of a number of Lead Members, yet they can’t get their combined activities together —
    Cllr Pritchard is Lead for Finance
    Cllr Hugh Jones – Lead for Community Safety
    Cllr Griffiths Lead for Housing
    Cllr Jian Lowe is Social service (which include Safeguarding)
    and yes, Cllr Atkinson your portfolio covers Anti-Poverty

    It is no wonder that Ian Lucas is looking so glum even being on ‘Gold Command’ – Im sure he will have raised this matter behind closed doors which is what Cllr Atkinson and Pritchard seem to think should happen and the matter not raised in public. Cllrs are frustrated at Ian Lucas for his public comments and he is frustrated with them for the lack of speedy action.



    Don’t they understand that homeless people die on the streets in cold weather?


    Ioan y Ffin

    The council can only ever supply a sticking plaster to the housing crisis. Only the governments in Westminster and Cardiff have the powers to rewrite rules so the massive subsidy that is currently paid to private sector landlords is redirected towards building social and affordable housing for people who are currently not served by the market. The challenge is all the vested interests who wish the status quo to continue because so many millions of people and businesses benefit from it.


    Llayby lilly

    Where are the ‘bleeding hearts’ from the church and faith sector. I seem to remember they were all out in force on the steps of the Guild Hall when there was the smell of refugee’s in the air…!



    Actually I know of at least one Church group in Wrexham that have agreed to use their hall as a homeless shelter on certain nights during the upcoming winter months with members of the congregation volunteering to help with the welfare.


    Llayby lilly

    BIG deal Matt.

    You say this like it’s a magnanimous response to the social problem of homelessness from the faith community. In earlier times the church as a beacon of ‘sanctuary’ to all that needed help and protection. Now the ‘do-gooders’ only seem to be interested in the odd night of help, that is unless your from another country, then they roll out the red carpet and endless ‘meaningful’ support. Not just a plate of food and a can of deodorant to ease their consciences. I for one believe the response has been pretty poor.



    You asked the question Lilly & I provided you with a factual and non opinionated answer based on the information I have.

    You can do whatever you want with that information – I am unsure why you are coming across as angry about it.

    As a non-religious person I have no stake in what those of faith do to help others. I was just providing the conversation with feedback that I was aware that there are those doing something in the Wrexham area.

    Perhaps others could also share some light on anything they aware of from both religious and non religious organisations. Although I dare say they may be hesitant to do so in case they end up having someone jumping down their throats.



    I read in the Leader that the homeless man who sat outside Sainsburys has been arrested for a breach of his bail conditions & banned from attending the retail park for 3 years.



    Faith Communities – further to Matts comments the churches (6 or 7) have started from this week for 13 weeks seven days a week 10 beds – this will include evening meal, wash facilities and breakfast.
    It may not be a full solution, but it shows that there are some people prepared to volunteer to create part of the solution – this is being coordinated by Housing Justice. This is the second year this has taken place.
    Transport is provided top pick up the ‘guests’ to go to the specific church.
    Hope this helps to clarify.

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