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    I am not sure whether it is my computer that has a dodgy adverting link now on the Council web site or whether it i official Wrexham Council want people to shop in line and drive tarde out of town.
    Does anyone have an advertsing section on the top of the page if they go onto Residents Homepage – Wrexham Council – WCBC



    Are you referring to,the Kia Car advert that appears on the page ?


    Born Acorn

    Looks like the council uses an advertising provider, so they wouldn’t have control over the ads that appear. It’ll be a different ad each time.

    Use Adblock if a website gets too heavy handed with ads. You can disable it for certain pages if you still want to support a site.



    Point is they are surely supposed to be supporting local business- I presume they are also getting paid on a pay per click basis



    I agree that the council should be supporting local businesses, but if the adverts subsidise the the web site all well and good. After all, how many of us actually take any notice of the adverts on web sites.

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