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    It is astonishing that the report going to the Council Executive next week on performance of services has ignored the pre-Christmas Estyn report into the Education in Wrexham. In the Tuesday report the Council have assessed Education as Amber yet Estyn was highlighting significant failings.

    Improving secondary education
    – AMBER. Eight of the 10 focal areas within this priority are green, and two are amber. Schools are being well supported in a number of areas by both GwE (the School Effectiveness and Improvement Service for North Wales) and the local authority including preparing for the new curriculum and support school leaders to ensure effective teaching that matches the needs of learners. Six Wrexham schools are participating in the Dr Lynne Sharatt “Leading Learning Collaboratively” national project and are piloting a more sophisticated approach to analysing data and information harvested from the teaching and learning process. However waiting times for Counselling and Inspire remained high during Q1 and Q2 with additional funding now being sought for Inspire in order to recruit additional staff and increase capacity.
    This is just one example of what appears to be a report that has selective information as comments about Social Care also don’t seem to reflect the issues that families face.

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