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    Interesting article by Carrie Harper (prospective parliamentary candidate or equally, deselected Wrexham Councillor) regarding the percentage of contracts awarded locally during the procurement procedure.
    She states that only one-third are awarded to companies within the WCBC area, and that the situation has been monitored by Plaid Cymru over a number of years.
    May I remind everyone that up until the last local election, Ms. Harper was a serving Councillor on WCBC, and to the best of my knowledge, this topic was never raised as an issue by Plaid Cymru.
    I would expect that when contracts are awarded, efforts are made to secure the best value for money that the tendering process can achieve, irrespective of the physical location of the tenderer.
    I am equally confident that if contracts were awarded locally, at a higher cost, the Council would be called to task for profligacy. A no win situation.
    Perhaps the statement made by Ms Harper could be construed as ‘Poacher turned Gamekeeper’ – but in reverse.
    I’m sorry but the four leading spokespersons for Plaid Cymru locally, do little to enhance their standing or credibility as a meaningful force within the political arena, at grass roots level or indeed nationally.

    Mrs Crewe
    Mrs Crewe

    Due to current EU and British law on procurement contracts over a certain amount have to offered by tender to all. The Council are not allowed to discriminate even it is perceived to be positive. Also there are rules set down by the Welsh Assembly – a body inflicted on us by predominately Plaid voters – which demand councils and public sector to ensure they are achieving best value for money. This mostly consists of entering into joint procurement agreements with other local authorities to achieve the economy of scale.
    But then this is a Plaid spokesperson speaking for the Nationalist Socialist Party whose very nature is exclusive and divisive.



    Ms Harper needs to look at the expenses claimed by Plaid AMs and do an analysis of how many of their purchases are from Welsh based companies and how much is sourced from over the border in England.
    She also needs to study procurement legislation to understand the limitations of any public sector or private sector purchasing authority when it comes to tendering and open purchase agreements she would then be taking a swipe at European legislation and not a Local Authority.
    This is very cheap politicking on behalf of Plaid and is ill thought through. You will need to do better if you want to covert voters to your cause.



    I think it is quite obscene that WCBC have had to devote time, effort and money to respond in detail, to a FOI request that has served no purpose other than to highlight the the lack of understanding of the originator.
    Seems to me to that this was an example of politicking at its’ base level.


    Born Acorn
    BenjaminM;17831 wrote:
    …a FOI request that has served no purpose other than to highlight the the lack of understanding of the originator.

    What else are FOI requests for? :p



    I am in full favour of FOI requests but to reduce the number of FOIs and duplication which causes the Council and other Public bodies to spend an increasing level of funding to deal with them should all go through one central point so that everyone is able to know what is being requested.
    I would suggest that they all go through

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