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    The issue here will be how many members of the public or other business would wish to use the services of the Council in this way- they have externalized such services as Home Care — does that mean that they will now take that back in house and award the contract to their own Trading Company!!
    Also I was under the impression that ITECH in Whitegate was already a wholly owned separate trading company.
    How can the commissioner also be the deliver of a service?
    How much internal subsidy will be in place to make their Trading Company cost effective.
    My view is No Way and everyone should boycott if the Council decide this method it is all about jobs for the boys. Who would run the company’s?
    Starting up a new business in a non competitive basis is acceptable- the next thing is they will form a Leisure Trust to take over Plas Madoc.



    Another £25,000 spent on advice! Most entrepreneurs manage without any previous experience, to set up a company for about £130. In fact don’t the Council have a department that gives out advice on how to do it?



    The main problem I can forsee with this venture is the lack of confidence in WCBC extending to this.



    Until they can run the council right what chance have they got running any business, maybe they should concentrate on that first



    The council should concentrate on what they were intended for. i.e. to serve the community, and not enter into competition with their ratepayers.



    Commercial estates are a potential money earner for the council, but from what I’ve seen they’re only keen on selling off the family silver in this respect.


    I’m not against the principle of this because if they were able to generate profit it would assist the budget.
    That said the council have out sourced many many departments because they wee not able to manage the people efficiently, how are they going to manage a business?
    The only winners in this one will be the consultants. (25k spent already)



    Are you in favor of the Council competing against other private businesses in the area who currently pay business rates, employ local people and generally spend money in the local economy.
    Would a Council business have any local empathy with other traders, source supplies from local businesses or spend profits in the local economy…
    Would the ‘new’ business take legal advice . Health and Safety and HR from a private solicitor or ‘buy’ this from within the Council.
    Sounds a bit like a money merry go round..
    As far as the examples are concerned from other Counties most were set up at a time when the economy was better so not quite like for like circumstances.
    If the Council think they can run business so well why have they externalized things in the past have they suddenly had a new team of business entrepreneurs.



    Too much conflict in my view. Any business competing with the council would be looked at unfavourably in other issues, planning for one. Plus as said if the council out source most things because they can’t get it right how will that change now?



    How many councillors have experience of running a business. Five plumbers and three vans to mend one tap. Wouldn’t happen in real business. Time is money. They have far too many meetings. My opinion is that they should be successfully experienced in this field before being let loose with our money. Though home care was better under the council in my experience even though a lot of the staff cared in their own time because they did care.

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