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    Councilwatcherwrexham was launched yesterday to survey what our Council Members think of their role and how they engage with residents. One of the first to complete was the Leader Mark Pritchard so it is hoped that he encourages the others– results will be out in a week.
    The survey of residents hope to gain the views of the electorate of Wrexham on what they think of the Council and their Councilor.The survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Please complete and pass the link to all your friends TODAY

    You can also follow Council WaterWrexham on Facebook and Twitter @watcherwrexham



    Is the survey balanced and comprehensive. From the questions, who is trying to find out and achieve what …



    The questions are open and intended to gain views rather than necessarily produce quantitative responses. These clearly will only be a snap shot as the responses will be random- the larger the sample however the closer it could be to some statistical accuracy but that is not being claimed.
    The Council Member survey will be interesting as their are only 51 possible responses so statistically this information would be more robust. As these are hopefully going to be completed on an individual basis there should not be any ‘Party/Group’ influence
    Some preliminary information will be made available after a seven day period.



    Just completed this onlyy took a couple of minutes be good to see more respondants than the pre election survey.
    Looking forward to see some results next weekend

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