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    Roy Walker used to say on Catchphrase ‘Say what you see’. Unfortunately for the Council Leader that is exactly what people are doing.
    How on earth can we be positive when all we see is Empty shops, Pound shops, Pawn shops, Homelessness, Drug abuse and litter?
    The new pedestrian area is nice at 420k but the old one was okay. Fill the shops first and then lay the nice new pavement when you’re making money from rental.



    Fully agree – cosmetic change does not create a vibrant town centre- commercial investment is required but these people have all the data a predications for the retail sector in Wrexham – if there was a commercial profitability to be had from the town they would be clambering in to take over some of the empty shop units.

    The reality is that there is just far too much retail floor space and alternate use is required – a plan should be made to provide palliative care for the end of life of the ‘old’ style Wrexham Market Town. With the best will in the world the talk if being upbeat from the Leader will not generate footfall or retail investment (just look at the Henblas Street development – not one single unit has been let despite the rental per sq. ft. being incredibly cheap.

    If there was a concentrated effort to convive retail landlords to moving into accommodation a ‘new’ vibrancy could be developed. The reality on the retail side is that Wrexham along with other towns could lose 50% of their floor space and ensure those businesses that are left become profitable for the longer term.

    Terminal decline does not need to be disastrous if there is appropriate thought given to how this will take place in a managed structure.

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