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    Unfortunately the staff absence rate is likely to be raised next week after all the meetings held this week with PCW to inform about job cuts. Some very unhappy staff leaving the Lampit Street offices today.



    I was astonished to read in the new version of the Council Connect Magazine the praises that the Chief Executive of the Council was praising the staff for their efforts yet last week she was wielding the sword by slashing the same people she is seen to be praising. I am sure all of those staff who are now ‘In Scope’ for redundancy will be thinking what a hypocritical news item in the magazine.


    So the council staff are going to get a 1% pay rise while Osborne boasts how the rest of the country are on 2’5 % average rise now. My wife is made up with that george you rhyming Jeremy! Thanks for that George you pompous lily livered multi millionaire freeloader. You just make sure you feed the rich and continue to demonize the public sector.


    bobo the clown

    Now, y’see, thngs like THIS don’t help … not the decision to have speed controls by schools (though are they required 2/7/52 ??) but the cost.

    Putting up signs & markings to note 20mph zones outside 4 schools … cost = £150,000.

    How on God’s little green Earth can that cost so much. I’d put a bid in for half that & expect to be rolling in profit.


    “Speed limits of 20mph could be introduced outside four schools could be introduced under proposals by Wrexham Council.

    As part of its ongoing work to improve road safety Wrexham Council will be proposing to introduce 20 mph speed limits outside four schools in the county borough’s this year. Primary schools that will be proposed for 20mph this year are Llanarmon DC, Pentre CP, Holt CP and St Chad’s Hanmer. Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for the Environment and Transport, said: “We are investing £150,000 this year to roll out this initiative and next year should see the completion of our programme”.



    Fully agree with BoBO how this type of wok can be costed at this level is crazy — they should put it out to tender.
    Is there even a problem in the first place. In my humble opinion with the number if cars parked outside a school during drop of and pick up times then you would not have a chance to get u to 10 mph never mind 20 mph.
    If they prosecuted illegal parking by parents would actually self fund this type of work. Come on Council collect the funds first then cost out the work.
    I appreciate a single incident with a child is not acceptable — but when was the last time a child was injured outside a school in Wrexham?



    I would agree to traffic restrictions outside schools if, & only if, they were restricted to the school starting & finishing times with half an hour either way. The likelihood of an accident is when cars are parked as Peter says.

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