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    Regarding all the news bout the council
    Consultation regarding cuts and increase to Property tax (sorry council tax) between 5 and 6%, I ant seem to find anywhere to say my opinion.

    Surely the meaning of a consultation is to see the opinions of different people?

    Can someone show me the link or tell me what the consultation means to us, the regular tax payer?


    Council Watcher

    What is out at the moement is a draft the actual document and comments survey will be out next week after Council Member approval- gather your thoughts in the mena time



    Get rid of the mayor and his assistant, car, secretary for a start. Must be over £100k with all that lot. Biggest waste ever. Let’s move into the modern era not live in the past as these positions are so behind the times.



    Another year with £1,000,000 overspend on bin collection , half of it blamed on the cost of aganecy staff. There is also a big increase in the number of recycling wagons, the cost isn’t mentioned in the above article. Plenty of potential saving with better management, without cuts to bin collections and charging for green bins!



    Between the possible council tax increase and the inevitable council house rent increases next year, any increases the over 65’s get next April in pensions will be swallowed up by these increases alone.

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    Council Watcher

    The largest element of the ‘bin collection’ overspend is due to a badly advised previous administration with officers who did not understand the complexity of the commercial PFI finance deal for the building and running of the recycling scheme. The contract was based on the Council making ‘profit’/payback against the management fee provided the value of recycling was above certain levels- however the contractor had a clause that meant they would get a fixed fee even if the recycle market price dropped – which is now the case. Instead of being paid by the contractor the Council have lost all profits/rebates and paying for a service that had not been budgeted.
    The cost is likely to increase even further now that the market price for plastics from recycling has dropped due to restrictions being imposed by China. – there is something like 60+ years to run on the PFI.

    This whole project made no commercial sense for the Council – only the contractor was in a win, win situation.

    Ratepayers of Wrexham will pay millions over the duration of the contract

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