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    I am totally baffled at the announcement from the Council Leader Mark Pritchard — I apprecite QWrexham schools are gaining poor maths results but I would have expected more from the Head of the Council-

    The Budget settlment means that the Council will have £169m down 0.5% or £845,000 why then is he stating there is a need to save £5 million

    Can someoine please explain


    Liz Jackson

    How anything financial for North Wales can get through would be a miracle — ALL of the AMs on the Finance Committee represent areas South of Newport!! How do we get a voice from the North on such an important committee?
    Simon Thomas AM (Chair)
    Ty Bres
    Heol Bres
    SA15 1UA
    01554 774393

    Mike Hedges AM
    97 Pleasant Street
    SA6 6HJ
    01792 790621

    Eluned Morgan AM
    National Assembly for Wales
    Cardiff Bay
    CF99 1NA
    David Rees AM
    Water Street Business Centre
    Water Street
    Port Talbot
    SA12 6LF
    01639 870779
    Steffan Lewis AM
    1a Griffiths Blds
    Victoria Terrace
    NP11 4EW
    01495 241100
    Nick Ramsay AM
    The Grange
    16 Maryport Street
    NP15 1AB
    01291 674898
    Mark Reckless AM
    National Assembly for Wales
    Cardiff Bay
    CF99 1Na
    0300 200 7204


    They have allegedly just paid a whopping 750k to PwC to advise them where to make cuts. not sure about the other £4 million though. maybe need few hundred thousand to challenge groves decisio? Wouldnt be surprised if exec board have given themselves a huge payrise. Useless bunch of crooks.



    The reason why the saving are £5M are because of the -0.5% but added to this is inflation for the national teacher and teachers award,the new apprenticeship levy,and fire levy,I’ve checked this out today and it correct. 99Dylonjones you need to go back to school to learn how to apologetic when you get thing wrong,opps 😀



    Happy to apologise and bow to Dragons interpretation – perhaps when the detail and comparsions are fully digested we will then see where the cuts will hit.
    One elememty that has not yet been mentiioned is reduction that will occur in income to Wrexham with the closure of the Communities First programme whuch will hit Caia Park and Plas Madoc whuich does not form part of the settlement figures.



    Leaving the figures to one side for a moment.From my experience,I wouldn’t trust the leader of the Council and his cronies with my kids dinner money,nevermind a multi-million pound budget.



    This council has an open door policy except that it is controlled by a small group of elected representatives whether its the leader and his cronies I cannot say but democracy seems to have all but disappeared from Wrexham council based on recent decisions.
    It appears that it is ‘do as say not as I do’.


    Council Watcher

    It is widely known within the staff in the Guildhall/Council that you have to say or write what is required at the top – opinions and professional views count for nothing and there is the ongoing fear that your job could be next to go- definitely not a place that many people would choose to work if there was a choice.


    Always the job center mate!

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