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    If Wrexham Council don’t own the copyright of Council Meetings, then who does?



    Would be interesting to know how the other 21 County Councils in Wales store their webcast meeting footage and if they own their own copyrights ?


    Fuller report now up rather than just the tweets:

    ('er - email us on



    Just read through the meeting report and once again it is another embarassing shambolic Councillor decision making fiasco that is a great detriment to local democracy transparency and also a complete waste of ratepayer money to yet another 3rd party private company who are not fit for purpose.

    It would be interesting to know the annual costs to keep the contract going – as once the pilot was over no WAG money is covering it.

    Also very interesting to know if the copyright holder has actually retained all the archive footage and not deleted it – thus holding information that WCBC and the electorate of Wrexham should rightly hold ownership of. If they do still hold access to it but are not permitting viewing of it unless further costs are paid then that is a poor state of affairs to be in.

    The very fact that the people who signed the contracts in the first place have no idea what happens to the data after the webcasting time is up is very concerning. Clr King has a lot of answering to do – but also the fact that the current Executive Board has very little understanding of how the system works is even more worrying.

    Let’s say Clr King was no longer available to answer questions on the system would every other councillor be twiddling their thumbs going – we don’t know how this works or why any decisions were made. The whole thing gives the impression of a large commercial plane being piloted by someone whose flying experience is with a kite on the beach.

    Which is why it is paramount that a more fit for purpose system is put in place ASAP with all the recommended functionality mentioned – auto transcription, subtitles etc…

    It is even more worrying that someone actually mentioned that the current meeting minutes are not fit for purpose as they don’t record the true yes or no or assurances that anything will be actioned by senior council members. It’s 2018 and the people who you and I put a bloody cross next to, to govern for the next 5 years are coming to public meetings not having a clue about the running of their own meetings let alone the running of the county! Plus actual factual records are not available so information on decision making is based on the collective vague recollections of a handful of ageing Wrexhamites!

    This farce quite simply cannot keep going on like this – you can absolutely forget about any coherent town centre regeneration plan ever coming to fruition as discussed in the other thread or anything else anyone wants achieved – the collective stupidity of the majority of these dangerous idiot councillors is going to keep us in the doldrums for years to come.

    Clr Harper and Clr Mike Davies were trying to get answers and put across decent points but it was the equivalent of someone trying to teach maths to a room full of monkeys flinging faeces at each other – futile.

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