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    It seems that yet another Welsh Conservative is living on a completely different planet to everyone else, as usual.

    Jeremy Kent is a hopeful to be voted into Welsh Government in May for the Conservatives.

    Today he tweets:

    Worrying about when schools will open in Wales – yet also today, Gavin Williamson, in charge of Education for all of England in his party can only be hopeful that schools there will open before Easter.

    Easter Sunday is 4 April – months away. So that can only mean that the Welsh Conservatives on producing this message must be critical of the English Conservatives (essentially their bosses) for making children wait for education there.



    Don’t worry Matt, there will be a whole host more ‘foot in the mouth’ posts forthcoming in the next couple of months from our esteemed candidates.
    I remember the last couple of Westminister and Senedd elections where you couldn’t go a day without a Tory photo opportunity or a monumental gaff quote.
    At the very least it’s entertaining and we need something to brighten up our day in these dismal times.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Welsh Conservative MPs and SMs have been criticizing policies pursued in Wales when they are different to those pursued in England and criticizing policies in Wales when they are exactly the same as those pursued in England by the UK Government. How must it feel to have to read from a script that is so riddled in errors and self-contradictions, and yet also to find yourself by default criticizing policies pursued by Johnson, Shapps, Hancock and Williamson, solely because someone from another party is implementing the same or similar policies, except in a more timely fashion? Lackies, fifth colummists, useful idiots, running dogs – just a few examples from a whole buffet of words that describes such people. To be Welsh and to vote for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives is to trample on the flag of Wales, to abase yourself and to sell yourself out. Historically it was possible, even easy, to Welsh and Conservative, but it is not under the Johnsonian clique. Under Johnson, you have to choose one or the other – you cannot be both.

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