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    Pity there wasn’t a CO2 monitor by the Maelor Hospital, maybe then Lesley Griffiths would be forced to sort out the road chaos around there with the help of the Council and our new MP! The CO2 reading around there must be horrendous between 4pm and 6pm daily. Do they truly care about such readings and the effect on people’s health?


    Ioan y Ffin

    It is the Nittogen Oxide they are usually monitoring as it is pollution like that which causes health problems.

    The 50 mph speed limit on the Bypass should start further south at the Rhostyllen roundabout.

    The problem with free parking is that no one has any incentive to think of alternatives before they drive to hospital, including the staff. Why live closer to your place of work if you can park for free?


    Ioan y Ffin

    Nitrogen !!!


    The Monitor

    Carbon Monoxide is the gas.

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