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    The annual Civic Service held in St Giles this morning seems to have fallen foul of party politics with what appeared to be a complete absence of Labour Party representation – no members from the Council Group, AMs or MPs. There appeared to be only 12 Councillors in total out of 52 (only 2 Executive Members) – neither of out two AMs or neither MP and no regional AMs.
    Civic Services are intended to be a public occasion for the Mayor and Council (Full) plus representatives from the community of Wrexham to join together-
    In the days when our elected Members were integral to the whole community and this event would start with a parade at the Guildhall to church led by a local band that often got to St Giles before the end of the parade had left Llwyn Isaf. Today was a farce in the extreme and you can only feel sorry for the Mayor with so little support being shown to the Mayoralty.
    This follows on from the Mayor making when at least 15 Councillors were absent.
    It really does look like Council Members have no idea of their responsibilities at such occasions to be representative their constituents.

    (apologies to any of the absentee Members and Politicians if you were ill or taking part in a Fathers Day event –(I really don’t believe that would be the reason for most!!)



    I am pretty certain that most constituents in Wrexham would find being represented at some outdated and pompous ceremony for an unelected figurehead with no power whatsoever, pretty low on the list of things they would actually want their councillor to be doing for them.

    I image most councillors were too embarrassed to parade through a town centre utterly devoid of any prosperity or open shops. I don’t feel sorry for the mayor at all, he is the only one who can’t be held accountable for the absolute shambles that the current administration has turned our beloved town into.

    Although I have been known to be a little cynical.


    Good points there too Matt, I was in town on Sunday afternoon, and noticed all the quiet empty streets and shops. No real sign of life and no real attraction to be in the town at all! Oh no, hang on it was Saturday afternoon, the town centre’s dead man!

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