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    I find that reassuring, thanks. Using it as a base to help homeless people, as well as all those other good projects seems like a pretty good idea after all.

    Universal credit is causing many of these problems and I fear you’re going to get very busy.



    Have heard that the Eunuch’s Society of Wrexham are very concerned that the Diocese did not address whether or not they would in fact be granted access to the building in light of Sheefag’s Deuteronomy 23:1 rules.


    Oi Diocese, while you’re here,

    What kind of money are we talking to put a curse on someone and could you do us a group rate?

    Nowt too heavy mind, just a dose of something embarrasing for all eternity or maybe a very noticable limp or something.

    Asking for a friend, like.



    Karen- thank you for the Diocesan view of the project – as you say mis-information, rumours and gossip circulate very quickly often due to lack of communication in the first place.
    I have read Teulu Asaph magazine article but see no reference to anything specific around possible continuation of the work with the homeless- this is a substantial issue in Wrexham and if there is work to take place in Hope Street I’m sure many of the existing agencies dealing with this cohort would appreciate communication to avoid duplication of effort and resources.
    Im sure several people and organisations have a vested interest in the impact your project and future communications would assist in joint working.


    Diocese of St Asaph

    We are already working with Wrexham Council’s Housing Options Team who support those who sleep rough in Wrexham. The Church and Community Cold Weather Shelter, which opened for ten weeks between January and March, was supported and staffed by volunteers from across Wrexham – many volunteers were connected to a church (of various denominations) and many weren’t regular churchgoers. Those who came to the Shelter were referred by Wrexham Council. We are already talking with the relevant agencies to ensure joint working.
    There’s some information here about the Shelter and who we worked with:
    Whatever we do for the winter of 2019/2020 won’t be based at Hope Street as operations there won’t start until September 2020 – there’s a big programme of refurbishment, recruitment and training to be carried out between now and then.


    So, seeing as God invented magic, or miracles as your lot like to call it, how come you can’t just wave a magic wand and sort all this out?

    All this ‘God’s Will’ stuff that no-one can explain, you know, disease, pestilence, cyclones et al, it’s quite damaging for the brand in my opinion.

    Seeing as you work for the firm, can’t you have a word?

    Bearing in mind he knocked the World and the whole universe out in a mere six days, sorting out the homeless should only take a few minutes right?



    I am really pleased to see that there is going to be some provision for support of people who sleep rough in Wrexham. I do hope any plans will take into account what happens to them during the day. They often have no choice but to wander the streets and shops, often being moved on. Somewhere where they can go to get warm, maybe a cuppa and a chat would be, I think, very welcome.

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