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    Maureen Gray

    The Government should solve its own problems first before spending £14.1billion on overseas aid – Councillor X


    Maureen Gray

    👏is that clapping?


    Wrexham ITK

    My son said he quite fancies one of those prefab container homes. I have therefore given him notice of eviction from his home. Now that he is due to be homeless, how does he apply for one please?



    Those ‘lucky’ enough to get a place in oine iof the new container ‘homes’ will be pre selected as it is part of a move on arranegement so they are gauranteed a place for a few months to try and get their lives sorted it is not for emergency cold weather.

    The same coindition will apply that they will not be able to take any substances or drink- public need to realise for some peole they cannot go through the night without these as their addiction is so strong- the only choice for them is to be living on the street so Wrexham or any town will never be clear no matter how many mopre beds are provided by Council, Churches or Charities. Work has to be done with them to help the addiction issue first — that only occurs when they have decided they would like to change- something the Council cant be blamed for.



    cant understand why they are letting these lot stay in the church after the trouble they have caused in the past, stealing handbags and a set of keys which cost the church a lot of money to change all the locks, which are old and not easily replaced.



    ANON – you are making a very general assumption that ALL people who are homeless fit into the category you are referring – is Christianity not based on forgiveness .


    Llayby lilly

    I hear from a friend who’s a police officer in the town that already one of the shipping container homes has been broken into? I wonder ‘Rob@ if your able to shed any light on this?
    thank You

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