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    JayneJ, so if you are working in the hospital you’ve got a secure job and a cushy NHS pension in the future. Good for you! Would you like a medal?



    Incorrect again – I was made redundant from a shop in Wrexham in August and now picked up some casual work in the Hospital- stop trying to second guess the background to people on these threads and debate the issues instead.
    As for your last comments about the older people – many of them have lived through wars and served in conflicts all around the world that has given you a level of freedom as a result. Im also assuming your parent must have already died and have got no one older in your family needing care or that when you get ‘old’ you won’t need any care either



    You can tell that you never worked in a coalmine Sunshine. Or started work at 14. You’ll maybe grow up one day & know the error or your ways or then again, maybe not.



    WrexhamUser, little bit harsh on Jane. True she is a bit doom and gloom, but her heart is in the right place. We all want what is best for our friends and family and all hope even if we end up catching the virus, we either have mild symptoms or at least recover well.
    Jane if you work in the Maelor then you will know full well the problem is not lack of beds but the severe lack of staff on the Red Covid wards, Agency staff refuse or are reluctant to work on a Red ward as they know it means they are then unable to work on other wards due to infection control. Hospitals according to official figures are no busier than any other winter but so many staff are isolating those left are worn out and actually scared that patients are not receiving the care they deserve.

    Dripford has now got the bit between his teeth and after blaming everybody bar himself for the increase in infections, he now has the so-called new strain to blame and is using it to well and truly finish off the small retailers after letting them buy all their xmas stock. Words fail me as to his audacity.

    Really looking forward to his apology to most of the population of Wales who have done there best to follow his ridiculous rules and regulations, but obviously wont hold my breath.
    The decision to bring lockdown forward to Midnight tonight will finally ruin xmas for many who have not got presents especially for the Children sorted, even that strange woman in Scotland realises last minute shopping is a lifelong tradition at xmas and is waiting until Boxing day before Lockdown, and the latest news flash!! Drakeford urges people not to rush to the shops and panic buy!!!

    What did you think was going to happen you absolute first-class idiot!!


    Ioan y Ffin

    Anyone watching the news and observing the statistics, could have easily predicted that the lockdown should come before Christmas, not afterwards. Medics and scientists have been begging for a u-turn over the Christmas relaxation. The only doubt was whether politicians would be decisive enough to deny people their pleasures even though the price we would have to pay for them all would be so much higher. Everyone has had plenty of time to buy their presents: shops are open seven days a week, why would anyone choose to leave it to the last moment this year of all years.
    The problem we face is that too many people seem incapable of judging risk and differentiating between what they want, they think they need and what they actually need. Consequently too many of us have engaged in behaviour that has increased the spread of this disease and now we are paying the price. The politicians are to blame over PPE shortages, NHS staff shortages. so-called test and trace shambles and other delivery failures; they are not at fault when it comes to our behaviour.
    If there is someone in your family for whom this is likely to be their last Christmas, then you will have already started taking the precautions so you could spend Christmas together safely. You should still spend Christmas together because having taken those precautions you will have minimized the risk you pose to each other. If you haven’t started taking those precautions, then you are an idiot and There are lots of people higher up the list who deserve our sympathy before you!



    From what I have read, this thread is proving very useful for one thing for certain, as being a place to vent and unload in light of the current sudden restrictions.

    People were right, we definitely should have seen this coming. Politicians need to stop lying to people and promising things they can’t deliver to get people to be compliant or get their hopes up.

    We were all told to behave and go into Firebreak because it would save Christmas and everyone has been trudging through what has been a very miserable Autumn / Winter period knowing we’d all be able to let go at Christmas and have a bit of a celebration with loved ones.

    That’s now been taken away from us, has already caused stress and tension where people have been floundering to save family Christmases as rules have continuously shifted and people have tried to prioritise which family members they can see and can’t see.

    I disagree about not feeling sorry for people being caught short not being able to buy presents and other festive items as not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford many of these items until the payday just before Christmas and have no choice but to wait until last minute and they’ve now been completely screwed over.

    I also know that Drakeford is going to make the critical error of cordoning off what is deemed as non essential items again in the middle of winter, people need new clothes and bedding to stay warm.

    It may not entirely be his fault but I feel like his Government is going to be totally punished at the election if they hold one next May, as whilst it’s important to keep everyone safe, there are certain niggling things that have been put in place in Wales that have made life a little less tolerable than it could have been, people will have had enough.



    Its correct that not everyone has the luxury of having purchased all there presents yet, still 5 days to go before Xmas Day. Friday was the last day in work for lots and they would be looking to sort presents etc the next few days.

    The thing that really gets me is the blame the people attitude of the high and mighty, most and I really mean most have done their best to adhere to the rules, there will always be some who have and will continue to flout the rules, that’s the nature of the beast.
    If the so-called Firebreak had worked, even though we knew it would not then Drakeford would have been Waltzing around preening himself. It didn’t and he just blamed us for it.

    Shops and businesses have spent a small fortune on Covid security and done their absolute best to be safe. I have nothing but admiration for the front-line workers and shop staff who from my experience have been courteous polite and managed a difficult time tremendously well. Delivery staff again have done a fantastic job and deserve massive praise. Hospital staff and Nurses, it goes without saying deserve our admiration for their continued dedication and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

    Families have arranged their Xmas, like us and most they have sensibly considered and minimised the risks and were looking forward to some festive cheer. Sadly, not going to happen for lots now and the mental anguish continues at completely the wrong time of year. For some luckily, we have the internet and the ability to at least see our close family, but others not so lucky will I am afraid lose out.



    Christmas isn’t cancelled. It is the festivities that are cancelled. Christmas this year is a time to take stock of what is really important. I agree with Truthbeknown in everything he says.

    If we are to be locked down again, let’s try to do something positive. It’s important to keep in touch. Phone, email, Facetime, Zoom, whatever other method you can think of. Think of people living alone that you haven’t seen in a while & just let them know that you are thinking of them.



    For some people a chat can mean more than receiving a gift that they didn’t want or need. We need to remember that chatting with someone can bring more warmth for them to think someone has taken the trouble to spare a few minutes to talk/

    Talk costs nothing but is invaluable



    Totally agree, words are far more important than presents. We don’t appreciate the basics enough anymore , a warm home , food and a free at point or use NHS. Time everyone looked for positives in this situation, we can’t magic away the covid pandemic so we need to make the best of the situation we find ourselves in , it’s the season of good will and kindness to everyone!

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