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    Welsh Dresser

    I really detest Cheshire Oaks. I can spend all day there and buy nothing. By the time I have wandered from shop to shop to compare prices I can’t remember who was cheaper and my feet hurt!


    I really don’t see the point in going any more. You can get the same things in town and sometimes cheaper too.



    I always used to think Chester was amazing compared to Wrexham. But that was in the days when Wrexham’s shops were full, from Index down to the old New Look. I was in Chester at Christmas last year and it is sad to see it has suffered the same decline.

    At the end of the day, nowhere has been untouchable when it comes to loss of business. I always hoped Wrexham would do well because of its markets and culture of hometown business, but no. And Chester? No money spent on tourism and improvements (cutbacks) will eventually have an effect on visitor numbers. Once you discount then, it’s just like any other fledgling high street. Even if it is a city!

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