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    The linked story to the rejection of the houses in Rossett is the one on about the 1300 houses going to be built by the Posthouse roundabout. This will surely impact not only on the rejected Rossett development but also Llay’s 350. The Chester proposal with it’s wide range of houses will be suitable for many people working in Chester and the North West. Large numbers of Wrexham residents in that part of the county borough already commute over to England but with the new Chester development it will be more convenient to access the A55 and motorways to Manchester and Liverpool and 1000’s of jobs on Chester Business Park. Plus better schools and hospitals that are centres of Excellence.

    The Chester development could result in a significant reduction in the number of commuters using Wrexham as a dormitory town- the Posthouse development is bound to be only one of a number in the pipe line around the outskirts of Chester.

    Now the development has gine through look out for another phase of development on Broughton Retail Park whuich will be only 10 minutes down the road — if tghis happesn the attarctuvness of shopping there for Wrexham residents will increease even further.

    The loss of commuters who are ratepayers could be a real blow o Wrexham over the next five years- the rejection of Rossett this week will have a more general impact on future developments and growth for our town.
    Come on Wrexham Council wake up to the fact that you have just added another nail in the coffin for the area by ending a message out we are not open to large scale housing developments- start rewriting the Local Development Plan now.



    An Arriva driver told me that they will be servicing the housing estate once it’s built so the 1 service will take longer.

    It’s a nightmare sometimes during rush hour and will be even worse when this estate is built.



    I echo the sentiments you express Derek, entirely.
    Whilst other LA’s seem to hold the philosophy that they can make things happen, WCBC (and many of its residents unfortunately) take the opposite course and object to anything and everything. Whether it’s a perceived lack of schools, health service facilities or traffic matters, we, collectively, seem to be determined for Wrexham C.B. to remain firmly in the 20th Century.
    This inevitably links in to the demise of Wrexham as a shopping destination for a potentially large swathe of the population and is likely to exacerbate the problem further.
    There seems to be a lack of forward thinking, whether it is due to a small town mentality, or indeed the mean age of Councillors who see progression as a taboo subject never to be visited.
    I fear Wrexham will remain as it is for a very, very long time.



    Depends whether you want to live in a concrete jungle or not.

    My perception is that waiting times at the Countess of Chester A & E are nowhere near as long as at the Maelor – yet. Ambulance queues ditto.

    Heaven help the daily commute to & from Chester unless something drastic is done about the A483 & A55. They have already spent a fortune which doesn’t appear to have worked.

    Does Chester as a city have schools in special measures?

    Infrastructure needs to be in place first not last.



    Some good points Zinger. As well as all the other infrastructure issues in Wrexham and the wider North West/Wales area one of the major concerns is the road networks.

    We are on such a busy pass through route in Wrexham that as well as the A483 and A55 the A5 single carriageway route – none of them can really handle the flow of traffic that comes through at peak times and it’s only getting worse. Some might argue there is gross overdevelopment at play here unless hundreds of millions are invested in the main trunk routes. There’s also the secondary routes across the county that are already battered with potholes and cold winters and insufficient funding – imagine what will happen to them with even more traffic.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if it was all just commuter traffic but the volume of lorries going to Wrexham’s huge industrial estate or passing through to Holyhead and up North creates makes it even worse.

    Housing and development at any cost needs to be done more intelligently. You look at China when they expand domestically or invest in other countries – what do they spend the most money on first? Making sure that there is a world class transport infrastructure in place first – sufficient road, rail, port expansion and airport capabilities so that when industry and required housing gets put in – whatever area can handle it and doesn’t come to a standstill.

    Now there’s arguments the other way that they aren’t as environmentally conscientious as us – but neither is overpopulating an area and having people stuck in traffic jams twice a day.

    Nor is it a positive situation to have inherited a completely knock off rail service from Arriva. They are basically the equivalent of a dodgy used car salesman – we’ve been sold a clanger. If we had decent rail services and network and more frequent trains more people would use that to commute between Wrexham and Chester and take prsssure off the roads.



    Further relevant to this point – just published that Flintshire has a backlog of £40m worth of road repairs!

    Would be interesting to know what the situation is in Wrexham.



    Whats is really needed is more 2 bedroom houses that are not sold to buy to let landlords, the development SHOULD insist on a minimum 100 2 bedroom homes for Owner Occupiers.



    The website for the new development



    Does anyone really care?

    People complain but they choose to work in England so if they are sat in a jam, its their own fault.

    Anybody wanting to visit England or go shopping in Broughton has the opportunity to do so outside of rush hours.

    Shut up and put up, commuters create the problems!



    My guess is some people don’t have the choice but to work in England because there are insufficient jobs based in North Wales?

    Anyone who wants to work in England should be applauded over those who choose to sit on their backsides in Wrexham and do sweet FA and just claim benefits because they moan that there’s no easy job for them less than a mile from their homes.

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