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    Centre 67 which is the old vicarage in Rhosddu attached to St James church appears to be on the list for demolishion by the Council. It is interesting that the Council have assumed it is their’s to demolish- perhaps if they look at the original deed they may find that the buidling reverts back to the church authorities if it is no longer required for Council use. The same is potentially the case for Greenacres and Cunliffe Centre.
    The ownership of land and buildings the Council have claimed to be their’s has often been challenged and found not to be the case.
    Perhaps someone from the Diocese of St Aspah or the chucrh of St James could make a statement.


    Ioan y Ffin

    It is sad to see that Wrexham is once again going to be losing an historic building that adds interest to the streetscape. Why do we keep neglecting assets until they can be damned as liabilities? That question applies to private owners in Wrexham as well as the council. Would it happen in Ruthin, Mold, Denbigh, Chester, Oswestry, Shrewsbury or Welshpool?



    It would be a shame it this project were to interfere with the church. As Ioan says another historic building to be demoilished. I believe those beautiful trees were cut down on a Sunday morning some years back supposedly for safety reasons whereas a large sign at the garage next door was not deemed a safety issue.

    I suppose that we should be grateful that it isn’t for another supermarket in the supermarket capital of Wales.

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    Reference my last post. Wouldn’t this be more of a safety issue than the trees on the bad bend?

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