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    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    A senior Labour politician has been found dead just days after he was suspended from the party due to allegations about his personal conduct. The body of former Welsh Government minister Carl Sargeant, 48, was found at an address in North Wales earlier today.



    Time to put a stop to this witch hunt and encouraging of people to come forward with unfounded allegations?



    Time to put a stop to this witch hunt and encouraging of people to come forward with unfounded allegations?

    It’s a horrible tragedy & it’s saddening that he decided to end his life. I really feel for his family at this time and I’m sure they will want to grieve in private, without the media lens placed on them now or even in the near future.

    The whole thing of high profile celebrities & those in public office being caught up in an ever snowballing amount of allegations of a sexual nature shows we have troubling times ahead and it will have a massive trickle down into all walks of life and professions as people who have been sexually abused are quite rightly finding the courage to come forward and make their voice heard. To both get themselves some justice and prevent predatory people in positions of power from striking again and again.

    Now of course this is the same for any crime, no matter what nature, you’d want those people to come forward and it shows a great deal of courage to do so.

    On the flipside, the way the media handles these allegations is an absolute disgrace. Once someone’s decency is called into question, even if their name is cleared, people are always going to be gossiping. Innocent people are going to be falsely accussed due to the lure of motives such as blackmail, political motivators, revenge etc…

    Therefore I think time & time again it brings shame on society that we hold our court in public before any legal proceedings have taken place. Social media puts a strain on innocent until proven guilty & a fair trial.

    We don’t even question or consider any of the consequences until someone breaks and chooses to end their life & leaves a devastated family behind.

    As humans we need to consider how to reconfigure everything so that people are thinking twice before being inappropriate or abusive and having a thread of common decency. Businesses, public bodies and organisations need to hammer home to everyone what is and what isn’t acceptable behaviour. This would have seemed incredibly patronising and nanny state-esque even 5 years ago but I don’t even think we’ve hit the tip of the iceberg of the whistleblowing that is about to occur. It will also protect people who are falling victim to kneejerk reactions, such as people being subjected to being outed for harmless flirtation in workplaces, being in consensual relationships with some people might tut about, but essentially nothing wrong with, or outed for their sexuality.

    So their shouldn’t be a witch hunt looking but wronguns, but their also shouldn’t be any victim blaming in genuine cases or any attempts to gag or intimidate those who feel they need to speak up.

    We live in very troubling times indeed and I just hope no more tragedies occur before we can get a handle on how to deal with everything in the right manner.



    So their shouldn’t be a witch hunt looking but wronguns, but their also shouldn’t be any victim blaming

    there* – blasted editing timer expired.



    Surely as Carl Sargeant was accused of a works misdemeanor he should have been suspended with pay and an HR investigation carried out to determine if the allegations were true.He was employed by the Welsh Government,he should have been informed of who made and what the allegations were. If the allegations were true and serious enough to warrant dismissal then a decision should be made. There was no police investigation as far as I can see from what has been reported so his sacking was illegal in as far as employment laws are concerned. This has all the markings of a witch hunt with PC gone crazy and has resulted in a man taking his own life

    sad sad times we are living in

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