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    It is surprising that Council Officers did not point out that Wrexham per head of the population has more children in private residential care homes than any other county in Wales. These private homes are paid £1000’s a week to ‘look after’ these children yet as the figures show the support is often very poor.

    The knock-on effect is that a very large number of the homeless/ street drug users you see around town at some time or other have been in care homes. Many at a time when regulations were not as tight as today and the voice of someone in care was never listened to resulting in many of the historical abuse cases that have occurred- the number of cases probably being the tip of the ice berg- You only need to look at how many investigations and reports into activities at Bryn Estyn were produced before action took place.

    Every young person drives a proper start in life- let’s make sure the Council, the profiteering care homes and others make this happen before we get more ending up on the streets and become another statistic.

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