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    Katia and FWarp points are both correct with car parking charges, as a regular visitor over the years I also thought the same about the Barmouth observation, although I have to say that knowing Barmouth pretty well I still know where to park for free !

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    Perhaps you give me too little credit Alun for what I actually do know. You make light of the definition I choose to use for footfall and offer your own interpretation, but I do not care if there are 30000 people in the town centre at any given time, if they are not crossing the threshold of businesses, the streets might as well be empty.

    You complain constantly about car parking charges, but not once has it been explained why Island Green is full or virtually full throughout the trading day when their fees are comparable to WCBC’s.

    You constantly tell people they are wrong and that your interpretation of events, because you run a small business, is infallible. I find the egocentricity tiresome. Remember, shoppers do not owe you anything and the world will keep on turning whichever business premises goes to the wall.

    Put forward alternative viewpoints by all means, but if you know anything about the niceties of debate, accept other people’s opinions as just that, opinions and are indeed, as valuable as yours.


    Surely to have a different opinion Benjamin will always be premised upon assuming people are wrong.

    That said, you can respect that opinion, as I do with yours….even if I think it wrong.

    The “tiresome” stuff is a kop-out. Just stick to the argument and the world will keep spinning


    Car Parks will be full or empty for the same complex reasons as consumer decision making Benjamin. The fact that Island Green was built with a Car Park within a shopping centre was a great idea and, as you will be aware, is the formula for success in Cheshire Oaks (where it is free). It is interesting that the Henblas Street development and the traditional main street are the areas currently suffering (with no Car Parks with immediate access) whilst all the areas seemingly buoyant possess Car Parks.

    On the other matter, a brilliant shop like mine (excuse the modesty here), would have a field day with a footflow that you are describing. My shop is one of many in Bank Street (and beyond) which has expanded quite happily amid the doom and gloom and I am so pleased to see new shops opening on Bank Street and within close proximity so frequently at the moment. These are genuine success stories



    Hi Benjamin, I can sort of follow your logic on the Island Green issue – however, Island Green is a bit different than other parts of the town, and you must look at the occupancy rates of all car parks within the town, not just one in isolation.

    Let me elaborate on why I believe, and I stress I have no facts to back this up just my gut feeling, Island Green is an exception:
    1) There is a train station, so people may pay to leave their car and travel by train. I haven’t used it but understand it goes up to Bidston, so would a method of commuting to Liverpool.
    2) It is inside a shopping area where people go specifically to collect items – like Argos, Asda Living, and Iceland. When I use to shop in Wrexham, I never once used Island Green car park unless I was picking something up from Argos – just because the car park was expensive, and is an arse to get to at peak times!

    In addition, there are at least 4 people, including myself, who are saying that car parking charges do influence consumer behaviour – but you are right in saying that it is not the ONLY factor. For instance, I may be tempted to pop into Alun’s shop to buy a bit of Kenny G, and think, it’s an arse going into town, add £2 on top of the cost of the CD for parking I might as well buy it off Amazon and it will be delivered straight to my door – the parking charge might have just been the final nail in the coffin! At that point I don’t even enter through Alun’s door, and then cannot make any impulse buys which I assume Alun’s business depends on to survive.

    Car parking charges could be described as the straw that broke the camels back.





    Parking is free at Argos Plas Coch. Think on.



    Parking is free at Argos Plas Coch. Think on.

    Ferret, and that would be relevant to this conversation how? We are talking about Argos on Island Green, and the car parking charges there ….‘think on’. Whilst you’re ‘thinking on’, ask yourself why car parking is free in Plas Coch?

    For reference, Island Green Cark Parking charges:
    Maximum stay 5 hours, Mon-Sun 24 hours
    2 Hours £ 1.30
    3 Hours £ 2.00
    4 Hours £ 6.00



    Island Green is the only car park with quick access to the main shopping street in town which possibly explains why it is busier with 3 hours for £2. Llwyn Isaf is short stay (2 hours) & Chester Street, with shopping & a couple of children is a tidy walk. Market Street for me, just seems to be in the wrong direction unless visiting the market.

    Shopping should be more of a pleasure, which it can’t be if you constantly have your eye on the clock. You might meet someone that you haven’t seen in a while, want a coffee & catch up while you rest your feet. You might pass a hairdressers & remember that you could do with a trim. Meet a friend for a spot of lunch.

    There are always empty shops on the Dunhelm Mill site which does have free parking.


    Zinger makes some invaluable points

    Clearly Car Parking availability (as in the case of the Lager brewery site), even when free is no guarantee of retail success.

    Clearly Car Parking availability (especially when free) will help any business that is close to hand.

    Clearly, businesses like to locate where there is Car Parking availability, especially where it is free.

    As Benjamin argues, if businesses are just not up to the mark, clearly whatever Car Parking availability exists will have no benefit to that business.

    That is actually what all of the Reports state

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