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    Mary Wimbury wins Wrexham selection

    Does not look hopeful for Wrexham Labour leave voters? all though wait for her statement?



    Disappointed by Labour going with someone who just wants to be elected. She has no local affinity and apart from a staged picture litter picking has done nothing for Wrexham. I think this will haunt them for years to come. Logically you would have thought putting someone with a local profile up would have been the best chance. No way I will vote Conservative or Brexit. Do the Lib Dem’s have a credible local candidate?



    She works in Wrexham and in social care, so she’ll know not only the local area and people, but also about important issues here affecting our elderly, disabled and vulnerable population.

    In a first past the post system, a vote for the Liberal Democrats will only help the Tories.

    Kenneth Clarke was on TV recently, warning that this was one of the most right-wing governments he has ever seen. Coming from somebody who served under Thatcher, that’s pretty worrying.

    People can play the Labour candidates off against perfection, but for me personally, the top priority is to keep these Tories out.



    It seems that we have an all female choice of parliamentary candidates in Wrexham for this election. I can see that the Labour & Lib Dem candidates are both for Remain & Conservative for Brexit but about the Plaid Cymru candidate.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Hopefully will do its traditional interviews. Canon Geoffrey Marshall arranged hustings at the parish church one general election, Revd Bray would be doing us all a great service if he and his colleagues could organize one this time. We know almost nothing about the candidates apart from Duncan Rees and Carrie Harper. The latter will be shouting from a megaphone from whichever bandwagon she is currently aboard. The Conservative,Labour and Lib Dem candidates have been chosen so recently that they barely know Wrexham let alone Wrexham know them. However we have to be grateful for small mercies – at least Nathan Gill is now Caerphilly’s problem not ours.


    Maureen Gray

    Lib Dems select Calum Davies Jnr as Clwyd South candidate to fight schools General Election. Don’t you have to be over 16 to stand?



    He’s 25 years of age Maureen, so hardly a child. I just wish that sometimes, people had credible arguments to properly debate. When you stoop to making digs at someone’s age or how they look, you just know you’re definitely scraping the barrel then and your argument has gone as low as it can go.

    May I also remind you that standing as a candidate, (of any party!) and putting yourself out there on show for people to ridicule and abuse takes some doing, and not many people could do that.

    We need more young people in politics, across the spectrum, it’s their futures that many, (not all!) of a certain generation are playing with.

    How about you play nicely, and how about acting your age?



    You are being very harsh about Maureen’s tongue in cheek post Aimi. I would guess that you are very young yourself.

    A candidate standing for election has to be prepared to take some flak no matter what their age. If Maureen’s post is the worst that he gets he will be very, very lucky.

    It is unfortunate that the young man has chosen a party which doesn’t believe in democracy.



    Woah – way to have all the fun sucked out of the thread. Why is there a sense of oversensitivity that you aren’t allowed to poke fun out of prospective politicians and it must be all serious mass debate, mass debate, mass debate happening all the time.

    You only need to look at this country and we have always satirised and mocked politicians going right back to the formation of Parliament. To have making fun made illegal of politicians then we would perhaps consider ourselves citizens of an oppressed country like North Korea.

    The lad himself hasn’t said his feelings are hurt – a youthful look is a compliment 9 out of 10 times. No reason to take offence on his behalf.

    Quite frankly whether or not he looks like Baby Face Finlayson plays second fiddle to the fact that in the article – aside from wanting to Remain in Europe. He mentions NOTHING WHATSOEVER about what he is going to do for the Good people of Clwyd South. So if he gets voted in what does he know of any other Non-Brexit key policy issues that affect us on a daily basis – such as the NHS, failing schools, brutal cuts to public services, lack of provision in social care for the elderly and disabled. The continued closure of services in rural areas and reduction of public transport, a lack of jobs and opportunities for young people and also older people who have recently been made redundant – like the closure of Tomlinson’s Dairy in Coedpoeth.

    That’s where he is going to get absolutely hammered on the doorsteps when he comes round to the likes of Cefn, Plas Madoc, Rhos, Penycae, Brymbo, New Broughton etc… He’s going to harp on Just about the single issue of Brexit and Remain and quite frankly people aren’t going to be interested.



    When they reduce the voting age to sixteen, will they also reduce the age at which you can stand as a candidate to sixteen as well ?

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