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    Council Watcher

    The discussion over the cAB funding in the Executive today descended into nothing short of trying to score points off each other. All political groups were at fault this morning with dance moves that would not look out of place on Strictly Come Dancing- there were ducking and diving from all front. Yet again Cllr High Jones puts forward a suggestion to now fund despite being responsible for the original proposal to cease the funding.

    It is clear that the meetings that took place before the Executive is where the real discussion had taken place- Cllr David Bittel must have been in his element threatening to pull his Group out of the Executive tripartite agreement of funding was not secured. Cllr Jones and Pritchard scurrying in the background to do deals to ensure Bittels Independents remained on the side.

    CAB accusing the Council of inaccuracies – the Council accusing CAB of not giving all information despite being told that it was sliding funding over three years.

    The outcome that the Executive Members wished to secure was that Cllr Pritchard remained as Leader and Lead Member for Finance. The question now is what did Cllr Jones and Bitthel negotiate for their Groups.

    As an aside, I wonder if Cllr Atkinson is going to be reprimanded by Cllr Hugh Jones after he queried why the offer of £25k was being made which was more than CAB wanted.



    Good to see funding agreed . Now the question is, who thought it was a good idea to cut it in the first place and risk the lose of the service in Wrexham ?



    Where do you get this stuff from?

    Cllr Hugh Jones has been clearly driving this and Cllr Atkinson was a director and big supporter of CAB so your comments don’t make any sense. I think you need to watch the webcast again as your comments about Cllr Atkinson also don’t make sense as that’s not what he said! He was speaking in favour of funding.

    Can’t we just be pleased they have found funding?


    Council Watcher

    Great they have the funding as clearly the £300 that the Welfare Rights Department charge. My point re AA was taken from report will view the whole webcast when it becomes available. There is still the whole issue of why it became personal and political infighting.

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