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    The article regarding the proposed development on the old Gredington site notes that “the application makes much of the site’s accessible situation due to close bus and cycle routes.”
    The Millennium EcoCentre based at the Tarmac Quarry around the corner from this development provides environmental education for young people and adults with learning disabilities. We used to receive volunteers from training agencies in Wrexham who were able to get to the Centre on the bus route down the old Holt Road. Once the new bypass was in place, the major bus companies refused to service the old route on the grounds of accessibility and scheduling.
    The nearest bus stops to this development are beyond the turning into Hugmore Lane (crossing the new roundabout, which is fast becoming an accident blackspot) and on Holt Road opposite the playing fields, about 15 mins walk.
    This planning application is telling a blatant lie when it describes close bus routes and should be re-examined.



    The new cycle route that it is close to had a ‘no cycling’ sign on it last time I went past. I’m not sure if that’s been removed yet.

    You can send your comments to the planning department online here: WCBC: Online Planning Applications Search Facility (where they will be filed in the recycle bin with everyone else’s)



    Come on Steveg, out with it. Isn’t the real reason for your gripe the fact that you lost out on your negotiations with the bus companies and for your own personal interests?
    May be that a little poetic licence has been used(and I say maybe), but hardly a credible reason for the application to be re-examined.



    Hardly a personal interest.
    The volunteers that we received at the Millennium EcoCentre did a lot of good work for us, particularly building and maintenance work. They were able to claim bus fare back from the training agencies, but couldn’t claim car mileage. Equally, some of the students with learning disabilities who used the EcoCentre were able to access the bus service with the old stop outside the Gredington being perfect for them. Losing that service meant a significant loss of independence for them.
    For a planning application to use access to bus services as a positive point, when the only remains of the bus service is a disused bus stop, really is telling a lie.
    Pete – the cycle route is open, but if you’re coming down from Wrexham, you need to turn right at the Gredington to go up to Bryn Estyn Lane and come back down to Clay’s Golf to pick up the new cycle path into the Industrial Estate.



    The ” No Cycling ” sign has been turned 180 degrees around on the post.

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