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    Very concerning article in the Daily Mail today about social media and the bullying of a pupil attending Darland High School.

    The headteacher, governors and staff at Darland need to wake up to the bullying taking place in this school.




    Bullying happens at every secondary school. Darland is no different


    Maureen Gray

    Bullying happens at every secondary school. Darland is no different

    Perhaps so Nen, but this is not really ‘old school bullying’ as we may know it. I would rather a slap in the face than this kind of sick minded cowardly action. Even if the scum are found, nothing will happen to them – they will be to young & they will have human rights of course, ah bless!



    Reading the article “ the head and governors are taking this seriously.” They have recognised this social media bullying as abhorrent, the police are involved and if/when the perpetrators are identified they have procedures in place to take action. As social media covers hours out of school also it behoves parents and guardians to have the major role in this as Mrs Williams states.


    Liz Jackson

    Andrew where you, not a Governor of the school couple of years ago when cyberbullying was being discussed and a reassurance was given from the staff at the time that the school did not have a problem? What is correct the statement then or the media coverage?



    I’m not sure if Darland does have a problem, I think the problem is more widespread, and in this instance happens to involve Darland. Certainly friends whose children attend local schools have similar experiences, but maybe not quite as extreme as this. I really don’t know what a school can do other than try to show just how it can affect people, but the people posting things like this probably never see the real hurt. Has anyone really found a way to control social media?



    Although messages will not just be restricted to school time it might be worth finding out from St Josephs what level of cyberbullying they have as they have banned phones in schools. Wonder if this approach has a wider benefit in stopping/reducing bullying.



    I find the spelling and grammar by some of you even more concerning!

    Liz Jackson – There is no ‘h’ in the word ‘were.

    And, Maureene Grey – I think you meant ‘too young’, rather than, ‘to young.


    Liz Jackson

    Bad spelling as a result of poor education in one of the Wxm schools and then too much texting and predictive spellings making me lazy!

    GV-Wxm any chanc of u given sum Eglish lesons to s mear mrtals



    Darland school has had this problem for years but has always tried to sweep the problem under the carpet.
    Too many of the parents, of the bullies, think they are better than others due to the areas that they live in and ignore and cover up for their children’s disgusting behaviour, thus allowing the children to carry on with their disgusting antics.
    The school needs to put the children first, not the schools reputation.

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