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    Chester v Wrexham another bubble match what a FARCE. :mad:



    Agreed, I am neither a criminal nor a hooligan so STUFF YOUR BUBBLE !!




    For the last two games I have requested va a Freedom of Information request the cost to the taxpayer of Wrexham and Chester for the arragements of these fixtures. All I have been told (so far) is the policing costs to Wrexham FC is approx. £4500 for their home fixture. I haven’t been given Chester FC costs.. and more importantly, I haven’t been given the cost to the local tax payers.

    Now I’ll admit I’m not a football fan, but I wouldn’t want fans to be trated any differently than any other large organised event.
    I am also aware that Liverpool play Everton and Man U play Man City home and away each season without such extreme policing.
    So why is this high profile and expensive policing necessary? Has any proof been provided to say that uch extreme measures are necessary?

    Apparently at the last game only one arrest occurred. Is this due to the bubble arrangements or because there is not the antagonism predicted between rival sets of fans?

    My last FOI request stemmed from the first bubble match at Wrexham to compare policing costs between WFC and NW Crusaders. NW Crusaders cost the tax payer NOTHING as police don’t even send a patrol car! WFC paid £4350 policing costs but I wasn’t give the full costing of policing as the overtime costs of all forces was “too much information to give to stay within FOI guidelines” i.e. North Wales Police could not provide the cost of escorting fans to and from the game, the cost of the convoy. the cost of air support, the cost of out of ground police overtime costs and any other incidental costs. If they find it difficult to provide these costs, how can they decide if its value for public taxpayers money?

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