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    I hope that the proposed BT Mast does not spoil the photographic view of one of the more modern iconic buildings of Wrexham.
    It would perhaps make more sense for it to be erected on Eagles Meadow or Ty Pawb since I assume that it needs to be higher than the Parish Church as it was previously sited on the Police Station.


    It’s a EE network mast not BT.



    EE is owned by BT!
    Which, in turn is part owned by Deutsche Telekom and Orange (French).
    They had combined T Mobile and Orange to form EE!
    What a complex web these multinationals weave.



    Sorry dagg, don’t know how to edit title. I still think that it could be in a better spot. If it were on Ty Pawb, it would be a visual landmark that wouldn’t spoil the landscape.


    Council Watcher

    As Rob pointed out in the article Ty Pawb had got £15k as rental for putting the mast on the roof – their original time scale was that the mast would be in place by the time the place opened – the delay has been due to problems at the new Police Station in Llay.
    Clearly the £15k should have been marked as anticipated — looks like another £15k of debt to be added to the funds that are haemorrhaging through the door to keep the place open.
    As far as Ty Pawb or Eagles Meadow locations both are quite close to St Giles and would impact on the view from the top of the tower if looking in a North East or Easterly direction. The Police Station was sufficiently far away that you only saw the whole tower and not just the mast.



    Perfectly true Council Watcher. I was thinking that the mast would be a 20 metres eyesore as a stand alone object & would be less obtrusive if attached to an already high building. I can’t think of anywhere else high enough.



    A few points:
    – EE was established in 2010 as a 50:50 joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and France Télécom (now Orange S.A.) through the merger of their respective T-Mobile and Orange businesses in the UK
    – EE was acquired by BT Group in January 2016
    – Major shareholders of BT group are Orange S.A. (4%) and Deutsche Telekom (12%)

    Currently, there are no masts on the roof of Ty Pawb, in the business plan the income from any mast is stated as “assumed”:
    – £15,000 is assumed to be generated from a mobile phone mast license [sic] (relocated from the current police station to the new OW building). For reference, EE (mobile operator) is understood to have paid £16,600 (exc. VAT) in 2014/15 but has unsuccessfully attempted to negotiate this down to £9,500. 

    EE Have confirmed:
    – “In consideration of the People’s Market car park site, EE have been trying to reach an agreement for two years to use this site for siting their replacement equipment. “
    – However, following repeated attempts to reach agreement on terms, negotiations have halted and more recent attempts to contact the council to restart negotiations have been ignored.”

    Lastly, I can’t see that a slim-line mono-pole, on the corner of Holt Street, having any noticeable impact on the views from the top of the Parish Church.



    Ty Pawb is in desperate need of income , surely the Council should try harder to reach an agreement with E E. Maybe one for the new chief executive, who takes up his post soon.



    Agreed, those within the council responsible for negotiating the terms of the lease should try harder, two years to essentially get nowhere is ridiculous for such an insignificant building.

    However, in the current financial climate I’d be surprised, and disappointed, if this got anywhere near the Chief Exec’s. ‘To Do’ list: with a budget for 2018/19 of £233m he’s got significantly more important challenges to occupy his time (£16k is not even a drop in the ocean).

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