Brother Cadfael sues Wrexham Council over condition of town centre dirt tracks.

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    Brother Cadfael has gone public over his decision to sue Wrexham Council following the damage to his cartwheels whilst visiting the Town Centre markets in December.

    ” I travel extensively throughout Shropshire and the Welsh Marches and the condition of the Wrexham tracks are the worst in this region. Brother Oswin, my travel companion, sustained back and neck injuries as we travelled past the Bowling Green Tavern. Many other tracks in the town have not been repaired since the 11th Century according to local scholars.
    Sheriff Hugh Berengar will be representing us and we will be seeking compensation for the damage to our cart and also Brother Oswins injuries.

    A spokesperson for Wrexham Council said that the safety of locals and visitors on our tracks was of little importance to them and they will continue to squander their revenues on meaningless projects which benefit the few.



    If you are travelling through to meet Hugo Lupus otherwise known as Hugh the Fat, beware the ruts on Chester Road , some big enough to swallow a cartwheel.


    Thank you for your message.

    I will pass this on to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, AKA Mr & Mrs Hewitt.

    I am reliably informed that they were going to pop into The Long Pull on their way to Erddig.

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